The Dos and Don’ts of Using a Gym

The Dos and Don’ts of Using a Gym

If you’re getting more active, you may be looking at joining a gym. As the nights get darker, you definitely want somewhere warm and lit up for your training. There are some dos and don’ts that you need to follow when you use a gym. This not only helps your training but will also keep you in good standing with the other people who visit regularly.

running-treadmill-exercise-gymLet Yourself Sweat

There is nothing wrong with a bit of sweat. This just shows that you are working hard. There are a lot of women who will do their hair and makeup just before going.

It’s clear they are there to chat with each other and try to get a man while there. You’re there to get fit and healthy, so do just that! Workout to your full potential; the men will actually prefer you for it!

rowing-exercise-gymWipe Down Equipment After You Use It

You’re sweating now and that has to go somewhere. It travels down because of gravity and usually onto the equipment.

Whether you’re using a rowing machine, bike or treadmill, watch where your sweat falls and wipe the machines down for the next user. You don’t want to sit in someone else’s sweat, do you?

gym-exercise-thumbs-upTake Your Towel Into the Gym

The gym won’t necessarily have a towel rule but it is a good idea to take your own. This makes it easier to wipe your sweat down and can even be used to stop it getting on the seat in the first place!

You can also use it while you walk around to your next machine.

bottom-exercise2Don’t Hog a Machine

Doing reps is fine but don’t sit on a machine for five minutes while you take a breather. Other people want to use it.

Likewise, don’t spend an hour on the same machine. 20 minutes at a faster pace will do you much better than an hour at a slower one.

During busy times, there are usually rules in gyms about staying on longer than 20 minutes. If it’s quiet and there are other machines, feel free to stay on as long as you like.

gym-exercise-weightsDon’t Leave the Weights Lying Around

People don’t want to pick up after you. When you’ve finished using some weights, put them back where you found them.

You will usually find that the gyms have rules about this anyway.

exercise-weight-liftingAsk for Help If You Need It

Gyms update their equipment or you may be so new that you don’t know how to use something. Feel free to ask someone how to use the machine.

This is not only better for your workout but it will also help to avoid injury by not using it properly.

woman-musicDon’t Play Your Music for Everyone to Hear

There is already likely music playing in the gym. While you’re working out, either listen to that or put your own music on—but make sure only you can hear it.

People want to workout to something that works for them and your music won’t necessarily do that.

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