The Medicinal Benefits of Dark Chocolate

The Medicinal Benefits of Dark Chocolate

When a woman is about to get her menstrual cycle, or is on her menstrual cycle, sometimes she craves certain foods. While some women love salty snacks like pork rinds or potato chips during this time of the month, other women prefer something sweeter. Dark chocolate is a popular menstrual cycle comfort food, but believe it or not, eating dark chocolate regularly can actually be beneficial to a woman’s health.

woman-eating-chocolateMany benefits for the heart:

Studies done on the medicinal benefits of dark chocolate found that women who indulged in the sweet treat at least three times a week had lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol numbers than women who did not eat it.

Dark chocolate can prevent heart diseases, which means a woman who loves dark chocolate is going to have a lot longer life.

dark-chocolateA good source of fiber:

When a woman eats foods that contain a lot of fiber, they tend to be healthy because the fiber will keep their cholesterol down and their digestion functioning properly.

Fiber in the diet can be good for many things including diabetes because it can help keep the blood sugar levels stable.

woman-eating-chocolate2Reduces the risk of getting diabetes:

In addition to keeping a woman’s’ blood sugar under control, dark chocolate can also increases insulin sensitivity in the body.

If the cells in the body are more sensitive to insulin, then they will use the sugar in the bloodstream more effectively, and the risk of getting diabetes goes down.

woman-chocolateProtects the skin from UV rays:

The flavonoids from dark chocolate have an unexpected benefit to a woman’s skin.

Women who eat dark chocolate often are doing something really good for their skin especially if they like to go outdoors.

However, even if a woman does eat dark chocolate, this does not mean that she should go outside without protection from the sun.

dark-chocolate2Helps stop coughs:

For a woman who has a chronic cough, the best medicine she can take is dark chocolate. There is an ingredient in the candy called theobromine.

What makes dark chocolate so effective at stopping coughs is the fact that theobromine helps calm down a nerve in the brain called the vagus nerve, which is a nerve that makes human beings cough.

woman-eating-chocolate3Improves a woman’s mood:

It is a proven scientific fact that dark chocolate can affect the moods of human beings.

The main ingredient in dark chocolate that makes a woman feel so good is the tryptophan.

When tryptophan enters the brain, it automatically triggers the release of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that controls moods.

Soon after digesting dark chocolate, a woman is going to start to feel much calmer and happier thanks to the serotonin.

woman-eating-chocolate4Improve the flow of blood through the body:

The main ingredient in dark chocolate is cocoa. Cocoa has things in it that can improve blood flow like the fact that it can thin out the blood.

Some women have to take aspirin or special blood thinning medication because they have had a heart attack, but eating dark chocolate every day can be just as effective at keeping the blood thin as one aspirin a day.

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