The Weight Loss Myth: Exercise vs Diet

The Weight Loss Myth: Exercise vs Diet

While many women find themselves wanting to lose weight, it becomes difficult to determine what the appropriate balance is of exercise and proper nutrition, especially considered the mixed messages that many fitness and health professionals have been emitting.


Presently, people are being raised in a society that preaches the necessity of intense exercise as the most appropriate method of weight loss, only to find that extreme exercise is resulting in little to no success in altering the numbers on the scale.

The truth of the matter, though, is that in order to lose the most substantial amount of weight, women should actually be focusing approximately 70% of their energy on proper dieting and nutrition, and only 30% of their energy on moderate exercise. While this may initially seem as though it is difficult to believe, it is actually completely true, as reported by a number of men and women who have alternated between the different dieting and exercise ratios.

While it was previously mentioned that dieting is the most crucial aspect in reaching most weight loss goals, this does not mean that exercise should be ignored, by any means. It is generally advised that individuals trying to lose weight, especially women, should attempt to perform moderate exercise for approximately 30 minutes to one hour, daily. Please note the word “moderate”, though, as your exercise does not need to be intense, it should more accurately be described as consistent.


Maintaining a proper exercise regime is not only an important aspect in losing weight, but it is also an incredibly beneficial practice when considering future health benefits. What the fact of the matter boils down to is that with women, consistent and moderate exercise is important in living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but not the only important factor when considering methods of weight loss.

Dieting does not necessarily mean that you are only allowed to allocate celery and pine nuts to yourself, though. Dieting and nutrition generally means a healthy balance of all major food groups, keeping sweets and other unnecessary fats in moderation, and if attempting to lose weight, making sure that you keep your calories counted and under a specific number. Generally speaking, dieting is often times the most difficult part of losing weight, which is probably why so many people want to preach the importance of exercise.

Plain and simple, exercise is not only much easier to maintain, but it is also not something that you have to be consciences about, all day, every day. That all being said, dieting and nutrition can be the most health preserving thing that you do, as an individual, for your body.

It should be noted, though, that drastic dieting and yo-yo dieting do nothing more than harm the body, which, in the long run, will also often times cause you to gain any weight that you were attempting to lose. Follow an appropriate nutrition plan, maintain constant moderate exercise schedules, and you will be quickly on your way to losing those unwanted pounds and living a happy and healthy life!

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