Tips to Deal with Those Weight Loss Saboteurs

Tips to Deal with Those Weight Loss Saboteurs

When you lose weight, you expect the full support of your friends and family. The problem is they don’t always give that; some can even try to sabotage your efforts. So, how do you deal with your weight loss saboteurs without completely throwing off your weight loss?

saying-noLearn to Say No

This is the best thing for your weight loss journey. Your friends may want to encourage you to eat more at a buffet, enjoy another drink with them or go to lunch even though you’ve taken your own. You need to learn to say no so that you don’t sabotage your own weight loss. Do it politely and explain why and ask that they understand that but agree to doing something at a later date.

eating-out-saladSteer Them to Somewhere Good for You

Have a list of all the good places to eat or drink so you can steer your friends that way to help your weight loss. This is great whether you meet someone who wants to go for coffee or your colleagues want to go out to lunch. You don’t have to explain that you want to go there for your diet – just tell them that you love the food or drink.

vegetables-fruitsEncourage Your Friends to Join in with You

A friend who is also trying to lose weight may be sabotaging you because they’re not as successful. Instead of giving in to their whims and wants, encourage and help them see similar results. At the same time, reassure them that any weight loss is good – at least it’s coming off!

women-socializing-gymMake Time for Your Friends

Other friends may feel pushed out. You’re spending so much time trying to change your weight and spending time with others with the same goals that they feel like you don’t want to spend time with them. They’ll try anything to get you to spend time with them, so create the time for them. Encourage a girly night in where you can control the food and drink or suggest a place to go and plan ahead for it.

lose-weightTell Them Your Goals

Having food in front of you all the time makes it really tempting to go off track. Your friends may not even realise they’re doing anything wrong. When you feel pressured, explain your goals and share your successes. You may just find that they apologise and start offering the healthy options instead!

active-happy-coupleEncourage Your Partner to Take Part in New Activities

If your relationship with your partner has always been focused around food or drink, losing weight can make him feel threatened. He’ll feel like he’s losing you and want you to eat more. Change that by encouraging him to do new activities with you. You could take part in a baking class to learn how to make your favourites a healthier way or enjoy a walk together.

music-exercise-joggingEscape Before Anyone can Ask

If people still don’t understand, you may just have to escape the workplace before anyone can try to sabotage your weight loss. Leave before they do and take a walk outside before eating your lunch or arrange to do some work when everyone else leaves, even if it is just five or 10 minutes extra.

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