Why It’s Time to Book Your Place on a Marathon

Why It’s Time to Book Your Place on a Marathon

Are you looking for a way to improve your fitness levels and mood for exercising? Now could be the perfect time to think about booking yourself on the next Marathon event in your area. There are so many benefits to gain from doing this 26 mile race, as long as you train properly before it. Here are six reasons why you need to do it.

sporty-woman-gym-fitnessImprove Your Fitness Levels

Your fitness levels will improve considerably by training for a marathon event. You will need to create a full training schedule that will gradually increase your running length and speed.

Your recovery time will also recover, along with your muscle strength and stamina. All of this will give you a more positive outlook on your exercise attempts.

tired-fitness-exerciseSomething to Train Towards

If you go running with the goal of getting fitter or losing weight, you will quickly decided against it. When you sign up for something big, like a marathon, you have a goal to train towards. This isn’t some mental goal that you will never see.

It is a goal that you will take part in, and you want to do your best during the 26 mile race, right? When you have a goal, you become more motivated even when the weather is absolutely horrible.

woman-money2Raise Money for Your Favourite Charity

Sometimes knowing that you are going good for others is the motivating factor. When you do a marathon, you will do it for a charity and be expected to raise a certain amount of money.

You can choose the charity, and will usually get something from that charity to wear on your way around to show your support for it.

running-coupleMeet Others

Whether it is on the day or during your training, you will meet plenty of new people.

This could be a great way to get an exercise partner, and you could even meet that man of your dreams. Some people do marathons as team events, and you could find a team in your local area. Others will organise group training sessions to get your ready for the event.

athletic-runningHelp With Your Training Schedule

When you first start exercising, you just go with what you know. Eventually, you want to improve on the training schedule but find yourself at a loss on how to do that.

When you sign up for a marathon, you get all the help you need when developing a training schedule that is suitable for you right now, all the way up to race day.

women-running-race-exerciseBe Proud of Your Achievement

Finally, it gives you something to be proud of doing. It’s a different thing, and not everyone has the chance to say that they have done it. It is a story that you can tell your grandchildren one day, whether you do just one marathon or enter more and more after that.

You may soon get the bug for the proud feeling that you start looking into other things to do.

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