Why You Need a Healthy and Balanced Diet as a Woman

Why You Need a Healthy and Balanced Diet as a Woman

Women need to eat a diet that is both healthy and balanced. There are many crash and limiting diets out there that cut out a food group. It could be fat or carbohydrates and there are some that cut out protein. The truth is that one food group is not the main reason for your weight gain. Here are reasons why you should eat something from al food groups.

healthy-balanced-dietYour Body Needs a Varied Diet

You need to eat varied foods. You can’t just limit yourself to one type. Your body just will not get the nutrients if you do this.

Your organs can start to shut down and your metabolic rate drops considerably.

woman-sandwich-food-dietIt Is Easier to Enjoy Your Food

Having a balanced diet means that you eat a lot of different things. This is great for you psychologically and well as for your health. Your brain will get bored of eating the same things over and over again.

You will start snacking on unhealthy options and will give into your cravings –that you have more often! A balanced diet means variety so you will limit the cravings and enjoy eating much more.

eating-chocolate-sweetsYou Snack Less Often

You will get the types of food that your body loves. Certain types of foods, including proteins and complex carbohydrates, break down slowly in the body.

You feel fuller for longer so you don’t snack as much. The benefit of this is that you don’t gain as much weight. In fact, those trying to lose weight will benefit more from a balanced diet.

cod-fish-vegetables-healthy-foodYour Body Needs Some Fats!

Monounsaturated fats are excellent for your body—yes, your body needs fat to survive! These come from oils like olive and almond and even from some dairy products.

Never cut fats out completely; even the cavemen ate some of them! This also includes omega 3 fats, which are great for your brain and fighting off cancer.

unhappy-dietYour Body Gets the Energy It Needs

Limiting your food choices will lead to your energy levels depleting. This leads to your metabolism slowing down so your energy levels drop further. It also leads to weight gain.

Your body needs carbohydrates to survive but you need to choose the healthy ones. Complex carbs, found in fruit and starchy/fibre products are excellent for energy levels. You don’t have to worry about sudden boosts of insulin.

stomach-hands-pain-cramps_Your Digestive System Continues to Work

A balanced diet helps your digestive system. You won’t feel as bloated and will find that stomach cramps and constipation are a thing of the past.

Your body gets all the fibre it needs to push all the toxins out.

drinking-water-sunset-beachYou Don’t Become Dehydrated

Remember that a balanced diet also includes water. By getting enough, your body doesn’t suffer from dehydration.

Your organs continue to work as they should, your hormones remain at a normal level and your blood continues to flow around your system. You will also reduce the risk of headaches and other physical side effects of dehydration.

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