Why You Need to Add Fruit to Your Diet

Why You Need to Add Fruit to Your Diet

You hear all the time about how you need to get your five-a-day of fruit and vegetables. Many people believe that they can just eat vegetables and that is enough. That isn’t true; you need to eat fruit too! Here are some of the reasons to add it to your daily diet today.

 watermelonIt’s Full of Water

Natural fruit is full of water. This is great for those who don’t drink enough throughout the day.

While it shouldn’t be considered as a replacement all the time, it is great if you’re struggling to find somewhere to fill your water bottle up—such as on the train or while waiting for the bus.

The water also helps you feel fuller afterwards.

melonThe Natural Sugars Stop the Sweet Craving

If you regularly crave after sweet stuff, opt for a piece of fruit before the chocolate. Fruit is full of natural sugars, especially when you opt for melons, strawberries and mangos.

The sugars are healthier than those found in chocolate. They haven’t been processed or refined and won’t make your blood sugar levels constantly spike.

orange-lemonFull of Vitamins and Minerals Your Body Needs

Fruit is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Yes, so are vegetables, but fruit has some of the nutrients that vegetables don’t.

For example, vitamin C is found in large quantities in oranges, lemons and limes, while antioxidants are in large amounts in berries. Fruit can help your body in more ways than vegetables ever will.

green-appleIt Isn’t That Expensive

Fruit in its natural form isn’t as expensive as many people make it out to be. The more expensive options are when you get it pre-chopped, when it is dried or those in the tins.

Buying it in its natural form and chopping it yourself is healthier. There is no risk of extra additives and it is full of all the nutrients that you will benefit from.

elderly-woman-learningIt Stimulates the Memory

Fruit is full of nutrients that help the brain. It stimulates the memory so you remember more for longer.

When it comes to remembering something for a test or recalling something you learned at work, you will find it is easier and happens much quicker.

Of course, there are other nutrients found in other food that also help with this, including Omega 3 oils.

stomach-crampFull of Fibre for the Digestive System

The digestive system needs fibre to work problem. A lack of fibre will lead to the stools hardening and passing them much harder. It also leads to other problems, like indigestion and stomach cramps.

Fruit is full of fibre and will have counter many problems people face on a daily basis.

healthy-balanced-dietPart of the Original Diet

Before refined sugars, bread and other manufactured food, people had to eat foods that were naturally found. This diet was full of meat, fish and fruit.

Fruit is part of the original diet and something the digestive system is designed to handle. It refuels the body and is better for the chemical balance in the body.

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