Why You Need to Avoid Crash Diets

Why You Need to Avoid Crash Diets

Want to lose a stone in a week? This is not only pointless but dangerous for your body. Crash dieting is everywhere – on the internet and in the magazines – but is not healthy. You should avoid these types of diets and work on losing weight slowly and carefully. Here are some of the top reasons why.

hands-on-stomach-painYou Slow Down Your Metabolism

You will actually find that it is harder to lose the weight in the long term.

These types of diets slow your metabolism down because the body starts worrying about whether you will get more food later.

It stores the fat and refuses to budge.

weight-gainYou Gain the Weight Back Afterwards

Once the diet is over with and you have your beach body, you go back to eating your regular diet. This is where the major problem is; you just put on all the weight that you lost.

In fact, you will usually put on more! Your body has gotten so used to the fewer calories and has slowed down that you end up eating too many!

It is the main reason for all the yo-yo dieting.

fast-food-pizza-hamburger-friesYou Don’t Teach Yourself About Food

You learn nothing about the food that you eat. A lot of the crash diets cut out certain food groups or stop you from eating a normal amount and it develops unhealthy habits.

Your body needs a balanced diet and that even means eating fat now and then!

overweight-tv-chips-wineYou Don’t Change Your Habits

You never change your habits when you crash diet. It is about that quick fix and not the long term goal.

To lose weight and keep it off for the long term, you need to change the way you view food and your bad habits, such as unhealthy snacks.

Without changing them, you will just go back to the bad habits, gain the weight again and be unhappy with your life.

stress-brunetteYou Put Your Body Under Stress

Your body will be placed under enormous stress when you choose to crash diet. There are some diets that cut your calories so much that you don’t even get enough to survive.

If you do choose to diet in this way, you must do it under medical supervision to make sure you remain healthy and don’t damage your body in any way.

However, the majority of doctors and dieticians will tell you to stay away from these diets.

crash-diet-starvationYou Don’t Get Enough Nutrients

You will be more susceptible to colds, illnesses and injuries because your body is not getting enough nutrients.

You need the different types of foods to get these, including the carbohydrates, protein and fats.

You cannot survive on just fruit and vegetables, baby food or cabbage soup!

arm-fat-muscleYou Lose Muscle Mass

When you do lose the weight on crash diets, you don’t actually lose the fat. The weight you lose mainly comes from the muscles, which leaves you weaker.

Eating healthy and doing exercise will encourage your muscles to tone and strengthen so your body loses the fat.

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