Why You Need to Eat Breakfast

Why You Need to Eat Breakfast

Have you ever thought about skipping breakfast? Chances are you’ve skipped it in favour of an extra few minutes in bed or because the kids have been hell in the morning. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you need to make sure you make time for it. Whether you eat it on the go or have it at the table, here are some of the reasons you need it.

It Gives Your Metabolism a Kick Start

When you sleep, your body goes into fasting mode. This is fine for the eight hours or so that you’re asleep, but food gives the metabolism a kick start. Without breakfast, your body isn’t going to get this and you’re more likely to gain weight because you’ll eat the wrong things during the day. Your metabolism is sluggish and this affects the ability to breakdown and use calories later in the day.

It Sets You Up for the Day

Breakfast-in-bedHaving a healthy breakfast gives you the setup you need for the rest of the day. If you eat well on a morning, you’re more likely to eat well during the rest of the day.

You go with the mentality to start as you mean to continue and you don’t want to break that later on.

You Don’t Snack as Much Later

You’re less likely to snack during the day. This is extremely common when you don’t have breakfast because you end up hungry later. The difference is you’re not going to make healthy choices when you’re hungry.

You want the quick fix and something to tide you over until lunch time. If you have breakfast, you’re less likely to snack later. If you do, you’ll want something healthy and light instead of the quick sugar rush.

You Feel Better for It

Opting for a good breakfast means that you feel better for eating it. You know that it is good for your system and you have the energy to start your day. It’s much better than just relying on that cup of coffee, which isn’t going to give you the calories your body needs.

Prevents Starvation Mode

protein-breakfastRemember that eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism? If you don’t eat it, you run the risk of going into starvation mode. This is what happens when the body doesn’t know when it will get its meal. It slows the metabolism, so the calories aren’t used up too quickly.

It’s much harder to kick start the metabolism afterwards, and you may never get to the point of burning as many calories as you used to.

Set a Good Example

Why should your children eat breakfast if you don’t? It’s important to set a good example for your children and encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle. The best way to do that is having a good, healthy breakfast.

Even if you’re on the go getting them ready, make sure you’re eating something—or stopping to have a bite now and then—so they see you eating.

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