Yummy Gluten Free Appetizers

Yummy Gluten Free Appetizers

Whether you are gluten intolerant, know someone who is or even if you are trying to protect your children by reducing their gluten consumption, you will find those tips useful. The following gluten free appetizers are healthy, yummy and simple to make. They will come in handy for your next dinner party, date, potluck or as snacks to give to your kids.

sweet-potatoYam or sweet potato fries:

Those are everybody’s new favourite. With or without the skin, simply cut out the potatoes in thin wedges, lay them on a baking sheet with a drizzle of oil and stick them in the oven.

Within 15 minutes, you have the perfect appetizers, you can also find them pre-cut in the frozen section of most supermarkets and health food stores, make sure you buy them without anything added.

greek-saladGreek salad bite

Using a tooth pick, hold together a slice or cucumber, a slice of tomato and a piece of feta cheese.

Garnish with a pitted Kalamatta olive on top and there you have your yummy appetizer.

hummus-chickpeasHummus and rice crackers

Mix purred chickpeas (or any other bean) with tahini sauce and some lemon juice in a blender to get this very healthy dip.

You can garnish with vegetables, herbs or spices. Serve with rice crackers or carrot and celery sticks.

vegetable-skewersVegetable skewers

Use red or orange peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes to make vegetable skewers.

You can include tofu cutlets or cold cuts for protein. Depending on the food combination you might want to consider adding chunks of mango or avocado.

salsa-sauceCorn tortilla and salsa

If all fails, you can always turn to the old-fashioned corn tortilla chips with salsa. Even here, you can explore by adding corn or black beans to a premade salsa mix.

If you are feeling adventurous, make your own fresh salsa by mixing tomatoes, cilantro and hot peppers or jalapenos with some lime and lemon juice. You can mix it with cheese or add guacamole to the side.

datesStuffed dates

You can make different version. For example you can put cream cheese or cheddar with almonds or walnuts for a healthy vegetarian snack.

Another option can be to wrap an almond stuff date with a piece of ham or bacon.

prosciuttoProsciutto wrapped’

For a savoury taste, wrap prosciutto around asparagus after you bake it lightly with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

For a more sweet taste, make cantaloupe wrapped prosciutto.


Serve a few heads of cooked artichokes; they make the perfect appetizers. Guests can be pick on them while chatting and waiting for dinner without filling up on it.

They are best served with a sauce based on garlic and lemon juice.

rice-wrapsRice wraps

They super easy to make and they can hold anything. Some of the most common ingredients include lettuce, carrots, celery, rice vermicelli noodles, avocado, mango and red peppers.

You can add tofu or thin slices of chicken to it for some additional protein. Serve with peanut sauce which you can often premade in major stores.

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