Why Chemotherapy is Good for Fighting Cancer

Why Chemotherapy is Good for Fighting Cancer

There are many myths surrounding chemotherapy. It has led to many women choosing against it when it comes to fighting against cancer. However, it is one of the best things that you could opt for and can increase your life expectancy after a diagnosis, especially when it is ovarian or breast cancer. Here are some of the more common myths and the truth behind them.

chemotherapy-patient-sick-diseaseThe Cancer Must be in the Late Stages

In the past, doctors only recommended cancer when it had progressed. They didn’t know enough about the disease and believed that people would fight it. However, that’s all changed.

Chemotherapy is offered to women as soon as they are diagnosed, whatever stage they are at. It doesn’t mean you have a few months left to live and it can prolong your life and put cancer in permanent remission.

hickman-lineI’m Going to be Really Ill with Chemotherapy

Some of the side effects are nausea and fatigue but the severity differs between patients. It will depend on your tolerance and whether you can handle the drugs passing around your system.

Some patients will find that they have no side effects at all, while others struggle on a daily basis. Focus on getting better and not the side effects.

chemotherapy-cancer-patient-sick-diseaseIf I Don’t Feel Ill, It’s Not Working

Many patients worry that their chemotherapy isn’t working because they don’t have side effects. Remember the second point. These side effects aren’t seen in everyone.

You may have a little fatigue and no nausea at all or be able to go about your life as normal. It is different for everyone but doesn’t mean the chemotherapy isn’t working.

brown-wig-hairI’ll Need to Buy a Wig Immediately

Hair loss is a gradual thing. Unfortunately, it is a side effect that you won’t escape but that won’t occur the minute you start your treatment.

It may be worth looking at wigs now if you want to match your natural hair colour and style perfectly but this could also be the perfect time to reinvent yourself.

breast-cancer-survivorEverything Will Go Back to Normal Once Chemo Ends

Many patients believe that the end of chemo brings the end of all the side effects and the cancer. The truth is that doesn’t always happen. The drugs remain in the system for two weeks, so the side effects will stick around for at least that length of time.

It will take longer for your hair to grow back. It doesn’t necessarily mean the end of cancer either; that will depend on the ability to fight the cancerous cells.

stomach-hands-pain-cramps_I Can’t Have Children While Taking Chemotherapy

It is really important to talk to your doctor. You can still get pregnant during chemo but it isn’t good for the baby.

It doesn’t mean you can never have children again: once the sessions are complete, you will be able to conceive safely.

medicines-pillsI’d be Better Trying Other Drugs

Chemotherapy is tough for patients but it is one of the best cancer drugs around. It is safe and proven to be effective.

It is much better than trying to fight cancer alone—that never works!

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