Gardening Pitfalls To Avoid

Gardening Pitfalls To Avoid

Gardening is a great activity that allows you to enjoy the fresh air and marvel at your green thumb. Putting shovel to soil allows you to watch as plants and vegetables flourish and grow. This is a favorite pastime of many women, but failure to use proper gardening techniques can cost you substantial amounts of both time and money.

However, avoiding these common pitfalls will leave you with a beautiful and bountiful garden. No matter how skilled you are it is always possible to improve your gardening technique. Here are some of the gardening mistakes to avoid.

garden-mulchToo Little Mulch

Many gardeners focus on the soil and fertilizer that is used to help a plant grow, but not enough attention is paid to the amount of mulch that is used.

The purpose of mulch is to cover the surface of the soil and keep weeds from growing. Moisture can also be secured by using ample amounts of mulch. However, many gardeners use too little mulch and this negatively impacts the plant growth.

Ideally mulch should be used in abundance to ensure that plant growth is maximum. Plant damage from hard rain can so be minimized if adequate amounts of mulch cover the plant roots.

Watering-gardenOver watering Can Be Harmful

Many gardening beginners assume that plants can never have too much water. However, this couldn’t be further from reality. Water in abundance can be extremely harmful and hinder plant growth.

It can also be wasteful, because often times drinking water is used to water plants. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you only give your plants an inch of water per week to avoid over saturation.

Be sure to limit your watering habits when rain occurs, but do not allow the soil to become dry. Striking a healthy balance will be most beneficial to your plants and allow them to flourish.

plants-nurseryResearch Your Plants Before You Purchase

It may seem simple and easy to maintain a garden, but this skill is different in every region. It is recommended that you choose plants that are designed to grow effectively in your climate.

Not all plants grow in every region and require different temperatures and climates to flourish. Check out what plants your neighbor has and choose options that are similar this will ensure that your plants will grow properly in your distinct region.

Gardening is a skill that should be developed, but proper research can make your garden much easier to grow and maintain.

blooming-gardenBlooming Plants Are Not Ideal

Blooming plants look great at the local gardening store, but are often artificially pushed to grow fast. This results in a stunning floral option, but it is not the best for your garden.

Most blooming flowers have already reached their peak and will only fade over time. It is best to purchase plants that have yet to bloom, which will ensure that they have a longer life spam and look full and bloomed in your flower garden.

Patience is the most important attribute of a successful gardener and should always be maintained.

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