Keep Your Home Stress Free and Air Clean with House Plants

Keep Your Home Stress Free and Air Clean with House Plants

There are many types of houseplants around. Some are excellent for keeping the home stress free and the air clean. This is excellent if you spend a lot of time in your home or want to create an environment that you want to be around in. Here are seven top plants when you want to purify your air and create the perfect environment at home.

aloe-veraThe Aloe Plant

Aloe plants are perfect for detoxifying the air and creating a relaxing environment.

You will quickly remove the toxins from the air of any cleaning products you use and will be able to see how bad your air is by looking at the plant leaves – the more brown spots, the worse your air is.

Aloe is also cooling, soothing and healing. You can use the leaves for healing cuts and soothing burns.

ivy-foliageThe English Ivy

If you have a lot of formaldehyde in your home, English Ivy is a plant that you need. This is one of the best for purifying the air and removing all the toxins so you can live in a stress free environment.

It is also easy to look after, which helps to reduce the stress and worry. English Ivy can be grown in a plant pot or hang from walls to create an outdoor feel.

ficus-rubber-treeThe Rubber Tree

If you want something very easy to grow, this is the best option for you. Rubber Trees are perfect for smaller homes that get very little light as they thrive in the dimmer areas.

They require very little maintenance and you can keep your home cool to help them grow, while benefitting from the air cleaning properties.

lily-potThe Peace Lily

Reduce the toxins and add beauty and style to your home with the Peace Lily. This flower grows in the shade, which is perfect for inside the home.

You will be best keeping it away from the window as it also prefers the cooler places.

bamboo-palm-zenThe Bamboo Palm

If you don’t mind some maintenance, the Bamboo Palm is number five on the list. In fact, NASA recommends this plant for purifying the air and removing all the toxins.

The downside is that it needs to remain well-watered to thrive and grow well. It does grow in the shade though, which is perfect for inside homes.

spider-plant-grassThe Spider Plant

If you want something that looks great while offering air cleaning properties, then the Spider Plant is one to consider.

Another one recommended by NASA, the Spider Plant required very little care and attention and is perfect for those out of the house most of the day.

golden-pothosGolden Pothos

The Golden Pothos is great in the kitchen, especially hanging from the wall or ceiling.

The plant clears formaldehyde from the air and will naturally grow downwards to create an aesthetically pleasing look. This is also great for the living room as it doesn’t need much light or heat to grow well.

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