Get Rid of Those Household Odours Forever

Get Rid of Those Household Odours Forever

Do you get fed up of smelling the same odour around your home? No matter how much you clean and search for the cause, you just can’t figure it out. When it comes to odours, you may just be using the wrong products to eliminate the smell. You don’t want to mask it; you want to kill it off. Here are some tips to get rid of the household odours forever.

ventilator-retroKeep Your Home Ventilated

This is easy during the summer but when the winter comes in, you want to keep the vents closed. However, this is going to make your home smell and odours multiply because they have nowhere to go.

You don’t need to keep the vents open all the time but do it for a few hours during the day or overnight.

air-conditioningUse the A/C

If you have an air conditioning unit, use it to your advantage. Not only does it help to keep the room cool, it will keep it ventilated.

You don’t need it on for long to get the most benefit from this. Make sure the filter remains clean to help with this.

matchUse a Match

Place a small bowl of water in the area where the smell is. Light a match and keep it lit for about 10 seconds.

Drop the match in the water and the smell of the match will overpower the odour. Watch out because they may not get rid of the smell completely, depending on the reason.

Woman-cleaning-windowDo a Spring Clean

Consider spring cleaning your home, even if it isn’t the spring! Pull out the sofas and cabinets to get under them and don’t forget about cleaning the skirting boards.

This will help you remove odours because you’ll find anything that you forgot about over a period of time. Try to do this on a quarterly basis instead of once a year to reduce the amount of work involved.

Citrus-PeelsCook Citrus Peels

When the smell comes from the kitchen, put a pan of water on the stove with some citrus peels. The smell of the citrus will overpower the odour.

You can use this with an open window to really benefit. Make sure you keep an eye on the stove as it is a fire hazard!

citrus-fruits-lime-orange-lemonRun Pieces of Citrus Fruits Through the Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is one of the worst areas for smells. You don’t need to put up with this. Running some citrus fruits through, like oranges and lemons, will help to avoid the smell ever getting out of hand.

You will need to do this regularly to avoid the problem coming back at any point. It is also worth the empty your disposal regularly.

foul-mold-breadPrevention Is Key

Don’t let any food last for too long. It will go mouldy. Wash up regularly and clean up spills and messes.

You will be surprised at the items that can cause bad smells. It’s worth cleaning at least once a week to really keep the odours at bay.

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