Decorating with an Autumn Touch? You Need These

Decorating with an Autumn Touch? You Need These

If the autumn is your time of the year, there are some great items to show for it. Even if it isn’t but you like to give your home the look of the season, you will really benefit from these great additions. Not all are home accessories either; accessorise your outfit. They’re suitable for all budgets and all home sizes.

mugLeaf Pattern Mugs

Look out for mugs with leaves on them. There are some great options from Amazon at the moment and some have owls!

Check out those that have the multicoloured leaves; a real view of the autumn season. If you have the mugs, you’ll need the whole dinner set and these are all available too!


shoesBurnt Orange Accessories

The autumn months are the time that burnt orange is in. You can take full advantage of it right now with belts, shoes and even clothes. Look out for some great designs.

There are belts with leaves for the buckles and pretty slip on shoes with bows. They don’t have to cost a lot to look fashionable this season.


yankee-candle-housewarmer-jar-scented-candle-honey-spiceThe Scented Candles

As the nights draw in, you will find yourself using more electricity. Stop that by having candles around the room—they offer a great atmosphere.

Before you decide to add them around, look out for scented ones, especially those with a bit of spice. It will start to make you think of the winter and Christmas—not just this season.


kashgar-platinum-blanket-lifestyle-mainWarm Patterned Blankets

Skip on the heating bills by adding some extra warmth around your rooms with blankets. There are some great patterned ones around now and they are great, even in the summer!

Blankets are an excellent option for those with leather couches: stop sticking to the seats or dealing with cold material. Now all you need is a hot chocolate in that leaf mug.


leaves-necklaceLeaf-Patterned Jewellery

Have you seen a theme yet? Leaves are a great way to enjoy the season—after all, this is when the leaves start falling off the trees.

Get jewellery with an autumn twist, whether you want some earrings, a necklace or even a charm for your bracelet.

The colours you get are completely up to you. Some are great and come with autumn colours but if you want to wear them throughout the year, consider silver, gold and other metallic colours.


floral-pattern-bowl-set-lgFloral Pattern Bowls

Add a bowl to your coffee table, hallway or mantelpiece. They’re great for small storage areas, such as for your keys, as well as beautiful decorative pieces.

Floral bowls in reds, oranges and browns are perfect for this time of year too.

Bowl set:

memopadsMemo Pads in Fruit/Flower Designs

Wouldn’t you love to have something useful for decoration? Many people need to take notes in the home and a memo pad is great for that.

Skip the traditional yellow and pink post-it notes; choose one for the time of year. There are some great fruit and flower designs around online.

Memo pads:

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