Don’t Buy Storage Items You Already Have at Home

Don’t Buy Storage Items You Already Have at Home

It sounds like an obvious statement does the title but so many people do this. It’s because they don’t realise they have the items at home! A lot of the things around you could be used for storage but their typical use is something different—and you may not even use them. Here are a few ideas of items that you probably already have.

vaseUse Vases for Storage

If people have bought you vases in the past, they may sit around your home without any flowers in them. Instead of letting them become decorative items with no use, turn them into storage items.

You can add your spare change in them instead of buying piggy banks. They’re also great for storing your bigger kitchen utensils that you need while cooking.

Shower-Curtain-hooksHang Your Scarves on Shower Curtain Hooks

If you’ve changed your shower curtain or moved somewhere that doesn’t need the hooks and rings, you may think it’s time to bin them. Stop before you do!

You could use them for your scarves. Hook a few of the rings together and them place them on a hook. You have a separate ring for each of your scarves, without splurging on an expensive scarf hanger.

Toilet-Roll-HolderTurn the Toilet Roll Holders Into Jewellery Holders

Don’t go out buying expensive jewellery holders. Instead, get a small toilet roll holder. It is perfect for all your bracelets and necklaces.

If you want something for the earrings and rings, add a few screws into the stand and you have the space for it all. Gone are the days of a lot of jewellery boxes and everything getting tangled around each other.

tin-lidsStore Your Tub Lids in Letter Sorters

A letter sorter probably isn’t something you need anymore. It’ll be sitting there, gathering dust. Instead, put it to some use in your kitchen cabinets.

When you stack your plastic tubs, the lids always end up being thrown in and get lost. Put them in the letter sorter and keep everything in one place. You’ll never have to go through the whole cupboard again.

heart-ice-mouldUse Ice Cube Trays for Smaller Jewellery

Not all your jewellery will fit on the toilet role holders. You need something for the earrings with no hooks or the items that are just too small. Ice cube trays are perfect for this and you can keep each pair of earrings separate.

You can also use muffin and cake pop moulds for this if you don’t use them for the right thing anymore.

paper-holdersKeep Track of Your Menus with Paper Holders

Unless you have an office, run a business or are studying a lot, you won’t need those paper holders.

Instead of binning them, put them to use by storing your menus, receipts and even a shopping list if you don’t put it on your fridge door (the best place for it). You can store this on your countertop or even in your kitchen cupboard with ease.

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