Got a Small House? Try These Decorating Ideas

Got a Small House? Try These Decorating Ideas

Decorating for a small house can be time consuming. You need to find items that show off your personality but don’t add to the small living space. In the end, you could find yourself spending a fortune on uniquely crafted items for your home. That doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some great decorating ideas for your small living space.

small-kitchen2Focus on the Small Detail

There is a big benefit to having a small home. The small things will stand out more. You can have fancy cabinet handles and beautiful tiny patterns and they will be spotted and add to the luxury of your home.

All that often gets missed in the clutter of a larger living space. These items won’t have to cost a lot either and you can make some of them yourself.

vintage-blue-curtainsMake Your Own Shades and Curtains

It can be hard finding curtains that will fit in a small window. They just don’t seem to make them small enough. Make your own, instead! The benefit is that you get to pick your own colours, designs and sizes.

If you want deep colours, you can get them. If you want something light to keep the space looking bigger, that’s not a problem. Work with your personality and tastes.

shades-curtainAdd Details to the Shades

When you do make your own shades—or even if you’re lucky enough to buy them—add some detail to them. It could be Roman style patterns or a beautiful and intricate design.

Like the small details on handles and cabinets, these details will stand out more in your small house.

tray-home-decorGo for the Graphics

You want neutral colours in most areas, except the odd item in your home. Get a living room chair with beautiful detail or choose dining room chairs with intricate graphics.

These items will stand out more, taking away the focus on the smaller area. They can also make the space look bigger if you do it right!

small-kitchenOpt for Smaller Tables

You still want a coffee table in your living room but you don’t have the space for bigger ones. Create your own smaller one. You can easily do this with some wood for the top and then the legs.

There are also small items around, such as nightstands and side tables that will work as coffee tables. Look out for the stacking tables (where the smaller ones fit underneath the bigger ones) to really save space for your tables.

living-room-sofa-cornerUse Natural Materials

Natural materials are lighter in colour (most of the time) and easier to use.

They will give your home more character and work really well in smaller living spaces. Consider a blind made out of bamboo or cane chairs for your kitchen space.

storage-space-plantUtilise Under Storage Space

When it comes to storage space, utilise that area underneath things.

Get a few wicker baskets and place them underneath the bathroom sink. Under the bed storage is also great for putting everything away and opening the floor.

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