How Colour Affects the Mood

How Colour Affects the Mood

The mood and behaviour are affected by a number of factors. The events that happen during the day and any stresses will directly affect them but there are other factors that aren’t so obvious. The colour of a room or the clothes you wear can have a direct affect on your mood and your behaviour during the day.

color-guide-paletteHow the Colour Affects the Mood

Before going into the common colours that affect the mood, it is important to assess how this happens. Most colouring is subjective. Some people may like red while others prefer green or blue.

However, there are certain meanings behind colours. When you are trying to show anger in a cartoon strip, you will usually opt for a red colour while green is a sign of jealousy.

These predispositions affect the mood when seeing the colours.

love-you-memo-noteRed to Add Excitement and Stimulation

Red is a great colour for an entryway or a living room. It offers the ability to show offer your bold personality and adds excitement to the room.

It can help with starting conversations and even increase the heart rate. It is worth keeping the colour out of the bedroom where you want to relax.

yellow-wall-paintYellow to Feel Happier

When you want a room that feels happy, opt for yellows. The yellow is the colour of the sun, which naturally puts a smile on people’s faces.

It helps to brighten the room without looking too bland and is more welcoming than most colours. However, it can also lead to more anger if used too much and should not be used as the full colour scheme.

Blue-wall-yellow couch-interior-designBlue for Calm and Relaxation

When you want to feel relaxed, blue is a great colour, especially the lighter shades. This is also inviting and calming for people. It is often great for bedrooms where you want to relax and sleep.

When used too much though it can make a room look colder and more depressing than it really is. There are warmer blues to use to help avoid this.

wall-painting-greenGreen for a Cooler Atmosphere

The benefit of green is that it mixes the good bits of blue and yellow together. It offers a cooling and calming atmosphere while remaining bright and cheerful like the yellow.

It is a great option as the main colour scheme as it helps to reduce stress levels and brings the outdoors inside.

girl-bedroom-pink-purplePurple for Sophistication and Creativity

When you want to be more creative or show off your sophistication, purple is an excellent choice.

Purple is considered to be the colour of royalty and you can mix dark and light shades together. However, avoid using it too much or you may give off the look of over importance!

kitchen-purple-decorNeutral Colours for Flexibility

Neutral colours, like white, black and beige, are fine in small doses. They give the room more flexibility but can become extremely boring.

In the case of black, it becomes over powering and makes a room feel dark and depressing. The neutral colours are best mixed in with others to make the brighter colours and feelings stand out but keep them balanced.

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