Room Makeover Tips on a Tight Budget

Room Makeover Tips on a Tight Budget

With the colder weather coming in, you want to spend more of your time with your family on the sofa. It’s a great time to snuggle up with a book or to watch the TV. That means your room needs to be perfect for spending more time in it. You want a cosy living space. If you want to makeover your room and are on a tight budget, follow these tips.

repurposed-old-boots-flowersRepurpose What You Can

Avoid throwing things out. Before you do, see if you can repurpose them for your needs. Old clothes can be turned into beautiful crafts to hang up around your home.

An old blanket could turn into cushion covers. You will be surprised by the things that you can do if you just let your imagination come to life.

Thrift-Store-garage-saleCheck Out the Thrift Stores

Take a trip around those thrift stores, reuse centres and flea markets. They are often full of great second-hand products that you can use to makeover your room.

Think about the living space before you buy anything though. For places like flea markets, check online to see if there is a plan and a mention of the vendors to find where you want to go and what you could buy.

Lighting-FixtureUpgrade Your Lighting Fixtures

Sometimes, just one upgrade can really make a difference. This is especially the case when it comes to your lighting.

You can buy a chandelier for your dining room or turn an old item into a decorative lampshade for your side lamps. You will soon have people asking what you’ve done different and where you got the items from.

upholster-leatherRe-upholster Items from Stores

That tattered looking rocking horse in the thrift store just needs some tender loving care. Give it some by re-upholstering it.

You could even repurpose old furniture or look for revitalising antique items. This can take some practise so start small and work your way up if you are worried. As you get more into you, you could have yourself a business!

picture-wallAdd Things to White Space

Your bare walls can look too bare. You want to create an open space but you don’t want too much of it. Add to it by using photo frames or putting up your own decorations.

Little sayings on framed posters around the kitchen could make all the difference to the living space. Photos of the family in a range of frames could add to your living room so you spend more time in it.

woman-book-shelfBuild Your Own Items

If you’ve got a knack for woodwork or you’re not too bad at building from scratch, consider it to add more character to your home.

You could start simple by adding a few shelves here and there that you’ve made. In the alcove is often a great place to start for shelving units.

However, you can then move your way up by creating your own coffee tables, side tables and even move up to adding a new dining room table to your home.

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