Seven Tips for Decorating Your Home

Seven Tips for Decorating Your Home

Whether you are decorating a single room or working on the whole house, you need to take it in stages. Decorating can be a fun tasks but it time consuming for many. Here are some tips to help with your decorating and make it go as easy as possible.


Work on One Area as Once

Don’t try to tackle every room at the same time. You spread yourself too thin and it takes longer to get anything done. Work on one room at a time – pick the room that you need least access to for starters. As you concentrate your efforts on one room, the paintwork will be finished sooner and you will soon find the whole house completed.

Separate Your Task Force

If you need to work on more areas at the same time, enlist the help of others. Get people to work on the different rooms so you can work on another. Since each of you will have a specific room, it will stop you from clashing on areas and will mean that more work is completed.

Give Each Person a Duty

When there is only one room – or you’re only working on one room at a time – give each person their own job. It could be to paint a specific wall, get the paint or even just to clear the rubbish out of the way. Even toddlers can help with decorating and they will find it fun!


Try Before You Buy

When it comes to paint, it is easy to think you know the colour you want based on the samples. The problem is that light and angles play an important part. Before you buy any colour, ask for a small sample that you can use in the natural light – or ask if you can take the paint chippings into the natural light. This will help you get a better idea to avoid disappointment when it is finished.

Use Items at Home for Containers

You don’t need to go out and buy expensive containers for your paint, such as for mixing it or using it when decorating. There are plenty of household containers that will work, including mixing bowls and bread bins. Make sure they are completely washed out before and afterwards to really benefit.

Paint vs. Wallpaper

Which one should you choose? This depends on your needs. Paint is great when it comes to selling your home since it is easier for the potential buyers to deal with. Wallpaper is great for longer term options as long as you stick it down perfectly. Wallpaper offers more pattern choices and is fun for children’s rooms.

Think About Your Furniture

Before you even start looking for paint or wallpaper, think about your furniture. You don’t want to have to go out and buy new items so make sure the colouring and patterns match your furniture styles. This helps to avoid clashes and make sure the styles and appearances complement each others. This doesn’t mean you have to use neutral colours; just means to think before buying!

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