Single Woman Home Ideas: Make Your House a Home

Single Woman Home Ideas: Make Your House a Home

Whether you have a small house or a one-bedroom apartment, you want to make it your home. As a single woman, this can be difficult. There are just so many other things to take care of, including working and all the housework. Here are a few ideas for your decor to make it perfect.

woman-kitchen-foodSet Up a Space to Keep You Company When You Eat

Eating alone can be a depressing thought – although it can be therapeutic for some! Have a setting that will give you some type of company. It could be opposite a window that always has something happening.

You could have it near a bookcase so you can read while you eat. Your preference may even be to have the TV there just for those 30 minutes or so that you have something you enjoy.

microwave-ovenInvest in a Microwave

You”re not going to want to cook every night but do you really want to rely on the takeaways? A microwave is great.

You can cook all your meals at the weekend (or your day off) and then freeze them. All you have to do is pull them out, put them in the microwave and you have a dinner within a few minutes.

living-room-sofa-cornerDecorate with Your Style in Mind

Everyone has their own style. One person may hate polka dots but you may love them. Decorate your home in a way that suits your style.

Add that mural to your wall if you love it or add flowers along the base of your bedroom to bring some life to it. You can add throws and pillows too to add some comfort and warmth.

girl-bedroom-pink-purpleHave a Rug for the Floor

A rug is a great way to add some comfort and warmth to your home. You can buy simple ones with patterns or the big furry ones; the choice really is up to you.

Think about what you want from the rug. Is it just for look and style or do you want something you can sit on while you read?

woman-sofa-relaxKeep It Light in the Bedroom

Avoid dark colours because they are often more depressing. Bring some light into your room with your wallpaper, bed covers and throws.

At the same time, show off your personality so you want to spend time in this room.

wardrobe-clothes2Create a Walk-in Wardrobe

If there is a spare room, consider making it your own walk-in wardrobe. This is great if you have a lot of clothes and shoes.

If you do have guests over on a regular basis, you may want to keep it as a bedroom but that isn”t a necessity. You could always have a sofa bed in the living room for them.

collectibles-home-decorKeep Everything Organised

Remove the clutter from your home. There is no need for it when you live alone. Have it all organised so it is easy to find.

This limits the amount of work you will have to do on your day off or on a night after work!

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