Tips for Sticking to That Organisation Budget

Tips for Sticking to That Organisation Budget

When you’re on a right budget, you made find it hard to organise your home. The trouble is organisation is going to be really important. You avoid spending more than you need because you have lost something or forgotten about something. Here are some tips to organise your life and home without breaking the bank.

Use Items for Storage Around Your Home

You already have storage space around you home. Use it to your advantage. Start by clearing everything out of the spaces and then putting certain items away in certain places. Develop a system that works for you, so you know where everything is when you need to put your hands on it right away.

Use Those Shoeboxes

When you need to create storage space, stop throwing away items that are useful. You’ll be surprised by how useful shoeboxes, packaging from stores and those supermarket crates for home deliveries can be. There is no need to spend the extra money to buy items that are similar and usually much more expensive.

Keep the Baby Jars

Baby food jars are great for your kitchen. They can hold food that you want to preserve (make your own jam?) and are wonderful for storing spices. There is no need to buy a spice rack that can cost $20, $30 or maybe $50. These are especially great if you grow your own herbs and spices and need somewhere to store them all.


Invest in the Quality Hangers

Don’t go out and buy 20 plastic hangers for a couple of dollars. They may be good for tiding you over right now but they simply won’t last. When it comes to organising your closet, invest in the quality hangers. Buy those wooden ones. You’ll find that your budget maybe stretched right now but definitely won’t be in the future.

Sell Your Old Items

Go through and de-clutter your closet. If you haven’t worn something for a year, you’re not going to wear it again. It doesn’t need to be in there taking up space. Sell your old clothes and build up a bigger budget. There are even some charities that will pay for clothing items by weight, which is better than nothing and definitely better than them taking up space. If you do some crafts, you could always use your old clothes for that too.

Sell Those Kitchen Appliances

When was the last time you made a smoothie? If you don’t need something, don’t let it take up space. It’s stopping you from being organised and wasting money. Sell the items and get something back for those items. You’ll be surprised at the amount of people looking for something. This also applies to old books, CDs/DVDs and other items that you no longer use.

Have a Chalkboard/Ease Board

Put a chalkboard or a whiteboard on your fridge/cupboard door. You can then write down all the things that you are running out of when it comes to the shopping. It will stop you wasting time looking through the cupboards and stop you overspending at the shops.

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