Tips to Decorate Your Country Home

Tips to Decorate Your Country Home

A very popular home décor today is the country home décor. It is popular because this sort of home décor gives the home a cosy feeling and an ambience that is overtly friendly. This home décor is appreciated by all who visit the home as well as people living in it. Let’s read on to learn more…

country-room-warm-greenSimplicity and Nature

A home decorating project is usually decided by the homeowner.

Some of them would like to use the theme in the entire house while some others would go and decorate their country homes focusing on a couple of rooms only and then doing them up in very much the ‘country home’ way.

The basic theme of a country home décor is obviously simplicity and nature and therefore homeowners would like to carry the theme all over the living space and restrict it to that space only.


Country home décor involves the use of colors that are bright and clean and goes well with the country accessories and furniture.

Choose white, off white, yellow, green, brown and pink colors when you choose colors for the country home decoration. The colors should spread the rustic feeling. The wall paints can be stenciled with figures and flowers, vegetables or plants.

Wallpapers also play a wonderful role in country home décor. You can use these décor but be careful so that colors do not clash.


A rustic theme is best when wood is used for the home décor. It is plain and simple natural wood with less polish and varnish so that the rustic look is there.

Natural wood however, can be expensive. A light shade of carpet can help with the flooring or laminated flooring can be used for the expenses to be cut down.

The other suggestions could be covering the floors with time or flagstone. Some homeowners decorate the floor with stencils and other patterns.


A great way to do up your country home is by using area rugs. It creates a warm and cozy feeling. Braided, hooked and quilted rugs make wonderful additions to the floor of a country home.


Wood or wicker furniture looks best in a country home. Select materials that reflect the nature in them.

If you are thinking of accentuating the furniture with some fabric, choose floral ones or chequered prints to bring in the typical country home look.


Accessories add that special zing to your country home. Keep in mind the ambience you are trying to create. It should be a warm feeling along with a sense of simplicity.

Plain mirrors, family photos in wooden frames, fragrant candles in ornate candle stands, all help in country home décor. Windows should be accessorized well with lacy curtains or simple shutters.

country-home-house-cottageUse of Plants

Some of the best ideas for a country home décor is the use of plants in your back yard or may be indoors. These include pinecones, moss, twigs and bark.

These add some life to the overall look. You can place them in wicker baskets or in wooden bowls and pots.

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