6 Top Tips to Get Your Body Back in Shape After Having a Baby

6 Top Tips to Get Your Body Back in Shape After Having a Baby

You’ve had a baby, but you can’t help looking in the mirror and feeling upset. Part of it will be the hormones, but understandably you want your body back. It’s important to do this carefully, especially if you’re breastfeeding. The most important person right now is your baby. So, here are six top tips to get your body back in shape after having a baby.

cycling-children-exerciseWait for Six Weeks

Most doctors and health professionals recommend that you wait six weeks. This gives your body the time to recover after having your baby, and helps with the reduction in hormones. It will also help health visitors and professionals make sure you’re not suffering from postpartum depression.

It may seem like a long time, but the first six weeks will soon speed by. You likely won’t want to do anything during this time either, as you get into your new routine with your little one.

woman-doctor-smilingTalk to Your Doctor

Your doctor wants you to do this healthily and safely, so will be there to offer you advice along the way. It’s really important to discuss your feelings with your doctor, as it also helps to prevent postpartum depression.

Doctors will be able to recommend diet plans, discuss fitness regimes and explain how it all affects your body and baby. Listen to her advice.

women-running-exerciseDon’t Jump Straight Into It

Avoid jumping right into fast-paced, intensive exercises, even if you exercised all the way through your pregnancy.

Your body is still recovering, even six weeks after the birth. You need to help your body ease back into exercise. Start out with walking and then build up your stamina and capabilities slowly.

stroller-baby-mom2Find Ways to Involve Your Baby

You’ll be surprised by the amount of exercise routines there are that involve your little one.

You could take part in stroller workouts or just dance around with your little one in the house. By being with your child, you can bond more and it will encourage your baby to be healthy and active as he gets older.

stroller-babyInvest in Workout Strollers

If you are going to do workouts with your little one, it’s important to think about his safety.

There are plenty of strollers, but you want one that is secure and has the right safety harness. Workout strollers are designed for rocky roads and faster paces than other types. While they may cost more, it is worth investing in one.

swimming-aquafitness-pregnantDo It With Other Mums

There are plenty of other mums who want to get their body back. Some will be too worried about it, while others need the company to keep them going. Get a group together and workout as that group.

You could take fitness classes, enjoy water aerobics or even just get out walking as a group. You are more likely to stick to it when there’s an element of fun and socialisation. You can also go out afterwards for a coffee to chat properly.

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