Should You Really Give Your Little One a Pacifier?

Should You Really Give Your Little One a Pacifier?

You hear of all the drama of getting children off pacifiers that it may make you question whether it is worth giving them something like that. There are many parents who make the decision not to, while many others decide to deal with the trouble afterwards. Here are some of the pros and cons of dummies.

cute-babyIt’s a Way to Soothe Your Little One

Crying is hard on your little one. It causes high levels of anxiety, and can cause problems for you as you hear the screaming and crying.

A pacifier is a great way to safely soothe your little one, whether she just needs help to sleep or if she wants something to aid with the teething pains during the day.

stroller-walking-mom-babyReduces the Chances of SIDS

Having a pacifier has been linked to a reduced chance of your baby dying of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

However, it is important to note that there is still very little understood about this syndrome, especially the reasons for it to happen in the first place. The question for many parents is do they want to use a pacifier on the hope that it will prevent this devastating issue?

baby-momHelp Premature Babies Gain Weight

If your baby is premature, it may be worth giving into the dummy. They help babies develop the oral muscles needed to suck on the breast or bottles, which helps them gain weight much quicker.

That doesn’t mean only premature babies will benefit, but the study was carried out on preterm babies. The sucking motion will help all babies develop better oral muscles.

baby-mother-bedMore Chance of Ear Infections

The downside is the risk of more ear infections. In a study that involved under threes in day care, the use of a pacifier was linked to an increase in ear infections, unless that pacifier was only used just before the child’s nap time.

The researchers found that more fluid collected within the ears during pacifier use, which was linked to the reason for ear infections.

newborn-baby-breastfeedingIt Can Stop Babies from Accepting the Breast

So many mums want to breastfeed, but the pacifier can stop it. It requires a different type of sucking motion, and the dummy starts to replace the breast even if a child is hungry.

The good news is that you don’t have to go without a pacifier the whole time. It is best to wait until your little one is around four weeks old. This helps to establish a feeding routine, and your little one will not be too confused.

pacifier-babyMore Dental Issues

The sucking motion can cause dental problems, including the front teeth protruding.

This problem occurs after around two years old, so you’re safe up until that point. One thing to really point out is that sucking anything can cause dental issues. Many children will replace pacifiers with thumbs or objects, which can be worse. The thumb is always there and harder to get your little one to stop using it!

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