Tips for Choosing the Perfect Baby Swing

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Baby Swing

A baby swing is a great present for your new little one. It offers constant motion, which keeps many newborns happy and some convert so they are suitable for older children. Here are some tips to help you find the best baby swing for your needs.

cute-babyThe Age Range for the Swing

Always look at the age ranges that the swing is suitable. Some will be from birth while others you have to wait until your little one is three or six months old.

This is due to the way the swing is set up and whether the head is supported. You also want to know the maximum age so you know how much use your little one will get out of it.

baby-chairThe Safety Harness

A five-point safety harness is the best option for any type of product for babies. This harness has something that goes over the arms, under the legs and around the waist, so your baby is less likely to fall out of it or have an accident.

All swings have to have a least a three-point harness, so at least make sure this is there.

BatteriesDoes It Run on Batteries?

It may sound like a more expensive option but there are benefits to a battery run swing. The main one is that there is no cord.

A cord that connects to the mains can be tripped over and your little one may even find a way to grab it, pull it and chew it! The batteries often screw in so make sure the screw is tight enough so it doesn’t fall out!

bouncing-babyThe Settings for Bouncing and Swinging

How many settings do you want for the swing? Some allow the baby to bounce and then swing as she gets older. Others are just for older children without the head support and swing forwards and backwards.

This about what you want for your little one. If you simply want something from birth, you want the chairs that you bounce up and down.

baby-swing-plasticWill You Do It Manually

There was the mention of batteries over cord but that doesn’t mean you have to buy either. There are some very simple options what you manually bounce.

This is great if you just want something to put your little one in while you’re watching the TV, having dinner or trying to do some work—depending on your situation. They bounce on their own so your baby can rock herself to sleep too!

baby-swing2Is It Portable?

This is really important if you tend to travel a lot or visit family. A portable swing is a great way to bring something common that your little one is used to.

It add some familiarity to the room, which will help calm her down when surrounded by strange people or sounds.

baby-clownThe Extra Bells and Whistles

It is possible to buy swings that have mobiles, rattles and other great activities. They are usually more expensive but they help with your baby’s learning development.

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