What Your Star Sign Says About You: Libra to Pisces

What Your Star Sign Says About You: Libra to Pisces

No matter whether you believe in astrology or not, there are certain personality traits found among the star signs. You may fit into them more than you believe, even without trying to. Here are the traits of the Libra to Pisces signs. It could be interesting to find yours and decide if you do fit the personality.

libraLibra: The Scales

Libra is represented by a set of scales. People born under this sign are graceful, idealistic and peaceful. When someone is looking for a place to stay for a night, Libras will make a space for them.

However, they can be unreliable, vain and indecisive, which makes it hard for business ventures and to build friendships. They can be relatively lazy and prefer getting others to do their work.

scorpionScorpio: The Scorpion

Scorpios are passionate, observant and resourceful. They are also some of the most manipulative, suspicious and jealous people you will ever meet. It is complicated to be in a relationship with someone born under the Scorpion sign.

They can be moody for no reason at first and then quickly switch to being loving and passionate. Scorpios prefer to live alone and don’t socialise that much.

SagittariusSagittarius: The Archer

A person born under the fire sign of Sagittarius is depicted by the Archer. They are independent people but often unemotional and it can lead to problems in relationships. They do make good friends though because they are positive and encouraging in nature.

When they do favours, they don’t expect something in return. However, their unemotional outlook can be difficult. They will say what they mean and treat people they way they like to be treated, which aren’t necessarily good!

CapricornCapricorn: The Goat

If you meet someone who is a Capricorn, you may find them distrustful, unimaginative and conceited. However, they are also ambitious, patient and make extremely loyal friends.

Those born under the Capricorn sign prefer to be alone. They won’t trust others to help them with their work, which can lead to alienating people.

AquariusAquarius: The Water-Carrier

Despite being depicted by the water-carrier, Aquarius is an air sign. Those born under this sign are incentive and believe in humanitarian causes. However, they can also be sarcastic, stubborn and rebellious.

Trying to hold down this star sign is a bad idea: they will just run away. However, they are kind-hearted and will always try to help their friends, no matter how hard it is. They are set in their views but don’t expect others to conform to them, which is a good balance.

PiscesPisces: The Fish

Those born under the Pisces star sign are dreamers. They are compassionate and imaginative, but most of all adaptable. However, their imagination leads to trying to escape reality when it gets hard. They can also be indecisive, which can make running a business hard.

They are among the most loyal of all people and will go above and beyond to help their friends. However, this can be their downside. They will take on the problems and make it their own problem, losing themselves in the process.

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