School Days: Preparing Your Kids for a New School Year

School Days: Preparing Your Kids for a New School Year

One of the most difficult challenges you can face as a mother is getting your kids geared up for a new school year. Summer memories of sleeping in and playing with friends are still fresh in their minds, and getting into a more academic frame of mind can be difficult. However, there are several ways to get your kids back into the swing of things and prepare them for another year of learning.

sleeping-girlRegulate Their Sleep Before School Begins

If you’ve been letting your kids stay up late all summer, then adjusting their sleep schedule is in important factor to how much sleep they’ll be getting.

It’s best to pare their schedule back gradually, about two to three weeks before school starts so by the first day of school, they are used to their new, earlier bedtime and will fall asleep faster.

Restrict television and video games an hour before bedtime, as they can overstimulate your child’s mind.

Reading-girlEncourage Reading, Writing and Math Over the Summer

Just because it’s the summertime doesn’t mean that your children should forego learning entirely.

Create a summer reading list for them that is full of characters and genres they enjoy.

Have them write letters to family members who live far away in order to keep their writing skills sharp.

You can even keep up with math skills by playing number games while on a summer road trip.

girl-schoolFamiliarize Them with a New School

If your child is attending a new school this year, take them to the registration process and see if you can tour the school.

If not, ask the office if there will be an orientation for new students.

Try and answer as many questions as possible so that your child does not become overwhelmed with anxiety before school begins.

Immunization-history-formUpdate Their Immunization Records

Don’t wait until the last minute to take your child to the doctor.

Many schools require immunizations or physicals before the first day of school.

Contact your child’s school to see what’s needed and get it done at least a week before school begins.

parents-children-drawingDiscuss the Rules

Before school begins, sit your child down and explain the rules for the upcoming years.

Let them know what you expect in terms of both grades and behavior and what the consequences will be if they don’t meet those expectations.

Discuss the possibility of rewards for a job well done.

school-shopping-pencilsInclude Them in Back-to-School Shopping

To get your kids excited about the new school year, include them in the back-to-school shopping process.

Let them pick out their own supplies when it comes to color or style.

Encourage good organization habits and have them help you keep track of school expenses to build math skills.

happy-children-schoolFoster a Positive Attitude

While lots of kids don’t like to go back to school, don’t let your child wallow over the fact that summer is ending.

Talk about all the positive things that will happen—making new friends, seeing old ones, and experiencing new ways to learn will all make for the start of a great year.

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