Some of the Memories Worth Capturing and Remembering

Some of the Memories Worth Capturing and Remembering

There are some memories in life that are more precious than others. These are well worth capturing on film or camera so that you can remembering them forever, no matter how bad your actual memory gets! Here are some of the more important life events that many women talk about.

newborn-babyThe Birth of Their Children

No matter how hard labour is or how difficult the pregnancy was, the birth of children is always a major event. Most mothers want to be able to remember this but it often goes by in a blur.

Not only do those first moments pass buy quickly, but the whole of the childhood years seem to disappear in a blur. Capture them on camera to remember them for the future.

newborn-baby2The Birth of Grandchildren

After the children is the birth of the grandchildren. This is the chance to enjoy the babies without having to deal with the harder part.

It is also a chance to reminisce about when your children were younger and see if the grandchildren share any traits.

Depending on ages, you may also have the chance to see great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.

Wedding-couple-barefootThe Wedding

Women love being the bride and when it happens there are many memories that you want to remember.

No matter how stressful the lead up to the day was, you want to remember the events from the day and night but they just go by so quickly. Get them on film so you can look back over the years.

Funny-coupleFunny Events from the Past

While there are serious events, there are also many funny events that people want to remember.

It could be a holiday with close friends or something that their kid siblings did a long time ago.

Do what you can to keep these funny memories. Tell stories to loved ones and even write them down so you can look back and remember everything.

graduating-university-degreeAchieving Accomplishments

Whether it is graduating from college or getting that major job position, achieving accomplishments is something important for many women. And why shouldn’t they be?

Do something that will help make them memorable, whether it is getting it on film or writing it down so you can share it in the future.

first-kiss-date-love-coupleThe First Kiss/Love

Those first moments are something many women remember. The first kiss and first love are two major events for many.

It shapes them for the future and may have had a direct impact on the way that you acted with your current love of your life.

There are many stories that you can get from these events that are worth sharing and things to keep hold of.

Proposing-ring-dateYour Partner Proposing

Finally is the proposal. Many women dream about how their man will get down on one knee but it doesn’t usually work out that way.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth remembering. It could be something funny or it may have gone horribly wrong for your partner. Whatever it is, capture that memory and remember it.

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