How to Fake You Are Outgoing

How to Fake You Are Outgoing

You need a personality that is bubbly and outgoing. However, you’re nowhere near that. It’s not really something you can learn. Personalities are adapted over time, and you may need to fake a specific personality for a one-time event. Here are some tips to fake that you are outgoing for whatever need you have.

friends-coffeePut on a Smile

Those who are outgoing will always smile. You need to put on that smile and wave to the cameras—or the people around you. When you smile, you look approachable, friendly and likeable.

People want to be you. Think about someone you like and pretend you are smiling to them. People will notice if you’re faking it entirely.

friends-coffeeMake Yourself Sound Excited

Pretend that you are excited about being there. This is a little difficult to master, and you will need to ask a friend to help you with this.

A monotone voice is not only dull, but it will put people off from talking to you. It sounds like you have no interest in their passions and excitement.

friends-shirt-top-shopping-swap-clothesSpeak First

Make the effort to be the first one to speak. A simple “hello” is enough, and will usually help encourage someone else to say something to you.

You can also stretch to “how do you do?” It may seem scary at first if you’re used to someone talking to you first, but go out of your way and you will soon find it is much easier than expected. You don’t need to speak first to everyone. Focus on a mixture.

party-friends-drinkLaugh and Join In With the Fun

Just because you’re not outgoing naturally, doesn’t mean you don’t have fun. It’s time to bring the fun side out and join the party. This is a quick way to fake that you’re really outgoing.

Laugh along with others and join in with the storytelling and jokes. You can plan a few stories that you’ll tell if the need arises, and think about your best jokes if you find that there is a lull in conversation.

phone-sms-friendsCome Up with Conversation Starters

Outgoing people will usually have some conversation starters in their bag, so get yours ready. There are specific topics that you always need to stay away from, including religion and politics, but other areas are free reign.

You may have an interesting fact that you know, or may have heard about a strange new creature spotted. Write a few down and excuse yourself to quickly check them should the conversation need some help.

family-friends-together-outdoorsImagine a Room of Friends

Imagine yourself in a room with friends. This is usually when you are at your most comfortable, and your natural personality shines through.

While you may not naturally be outgoing, you will be when you’re more relaxed and feel like you know everyone. What would you do when you’re with your friends, and how do you act? Think about your body language and the type of things that you talk about.

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