How to Handle Living With a Roommate

How to Handle Living With a Roommate

If you’ve moved into a college dorm, you may suddenly move into a world of having a roommate. This isn’t easy for everyone to handle, because you don’t always have your private space. So, how do you deal with such a situation? Here are a few tips on getting used to having your roommate around.

Keep the Communication Open

Like in a relationship, communication is the most important factor. You need to be able to talk about something if it is bothering you and create a system that you’re both happy living with. The last thing you want is to bottle things up and then turn into a huge argument that gets out of control. Open the lines of communication and keep them open the entire time.

Learn to Compromise

women-hands-fightYou need to make compromises—both of you. Your roommate may like to get up early in the morning while you prefer the late nights. Find a way to work around each other when doing that.

It could be that you set one day a week where you are both quiet until a certain time but the lights are turned out by a certain time too.

Have Rules for the Room

Set some rules for the two of you to stick to. They don’t need to be about everything, but you’ll find that covering as many basis as possible is good—at least to start with.

Think about rules for using the fridge and how you will deal with bringing dates back to the room. Do you have a sign for the door when you don’t want to be disturbed? This is a very good one.

Learn When to Stop

You will disagree on things. That’s just the way of life. The thing to do is accept that that will happen and know when to stop pushing something. This will avoid it getting into a big argument. Agree to disagree on certain topics and situations and then speak no more about them. Don’t use the disagreements as ammo for future problems.

Don’t Spend All Your Time Together

friends-cafe-women-drinkYour college roommate is going to be the first friend you make. But you need to spend time with other people. It is possible that you will get annoyed with the small things that each other does, otherwise.

Make friends that your roommate doesn’t know and spend time with them now and then. However, don’t forget about your roommate or it can lead to the same problem.

Discuss Parties

You will want to have parties and you may want to use your dorm as party central. That doesn’t mean your roommate will want to—or it could be the other way round. Discuss what is going to happen about parties and whether they can be brought back to the room.

This can be linked to compromising. You may want to agree that parties can happen but only on certain nights of the week (Fridays and Saturdays, for example).

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