Is It Right to Move In With a Male Roommate?

Is It Right to Move In With a Male Roommate?

You need a roommate, but all your girlfriends aren’t available. You may consider a male roommate, especially if he’s your best friend. However, before you accept his offer or ask him you need to make sure this is the right thing for the two of you. Here are some important things to consider first of all.

man-cleaningHow Good Are His Cleaning Habits?

Men have a bad habit of leaving dirty laundry and dishes all over the house. You don’t want to end up picking up after him or finding that you have no clean plates because they’re all hidden in his room!

You’ll need to both sit down and agree on a few ground rules when it comes to the cleaning. Will you do your own stuff or take it in turns each day?

women-friends-eating-lunchDealing With Other Friends

You both need to be considerate when it comes to having other friends in the house.

He may think your girlfriends are his prey and vice versa—you may find his friends think you’re someone to hit on. Talk to each other about having friends over and ask whether relationships are out of the question or not.

love-coupleWhat Do Your Partners Think?

If you’re both in relationships, you may find that your respective partners aren’t so happy about this type of living arrangement. It can lead to jealousy, even if that jealousy isn’t warranted.

It’s best to sit down as a foursome and go through the various rules and expectations in the house. Let both of your partners understand that this is just a friendship arrangement.

Talk About the Video Game Rules

Another annoying habit is playing video games at all times of the night. Not all men are like this—some prefer making music with friends or having parties and playing drinking games.

You need to talk to your friend about the rules surrounding these sorts of things, especially if you want to sleep at night! There is nothing wrong with setting a time limit or asking to keep the noise down after a certain time. Your neighbours will probably be grateful anyway.

bath-showerThe Privacy Issues

When you live with another female, you probably don’t mind if she sees you in a towel. This isn’t as comfortable when it comes to a guy in the house.

You need to come to some type of arrangement to help avoid privacy issues. Will you dress in the bathroom after showers, or can you come to an agreement that walking between bathroom and bedroom in a towel is fine?

couple-love-dateIs a Relationship a Possibility?

If you’re both single and attracted to each other, you could find that friendship turns into a relationship. While you don’t want to assume anything right now, you do want to set some ground rules.

Discuss the possibility and talk about what you will do if one of you finds you’ve developed certain feelings. You will then know the best way of handling the situation without it getting too awkward in the house.

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