Quick Tips for Dealing with Annoying Friends

Quick Tips for Dealing with Annoying Friends

Having friends is great, but they can be annoying at times. There is no need to deny it; everyone thinks that way. You may have friends who get too personal or those who want to know every detail about everything in your life. Instead of getting annoyed at them and loathing them in secret, you need to deal with them. Here are a few tips for just that.

woman-running-lateThe Person Who Is Always Late

There’s always one friend who is late to every event. You stand around for five minutes while you wait for her to turn up, and have likely missed something that you really wanted to see.

You’ve already spoken to her about it but that hasn’t worked. The trick here is to tell her an early time than the rest of you. Work out how late she usually is and add that time to your original meeting time. Make sure the rest of the girls know the real time.

Women-running-race-exerciseThe Friend Who Likes to Compete

Do you have a friend who is constantly competing for centre of attention? There’s usually one and it doesn’t matter what it is. It could be on relationships or job promotions or just the latest dress.

Some competitiveness is good, but it can cross the line. When this happens, pull her to one side and mention it. If you don’t want to hurt her feelings, let her finish when she tries to compete and then continue with what you were going to say to the group.

Fashion-Limelight-modelThe Centre of Attention

While there’s one who likes to compete, another one always wants something to be about her. You want to say “let me have my five-minutes,” but it can come across as hurtful. The best thing to do is play to it.

When you have something new you want to share, you could always ask for her opinion. She’ll love you for it. Of course, it could also be worth having the group talk to her to get her to realise what she’s doing.

thinking-woman-sofa-bookshelfThe Negative Friend

Is there one who always has a downer on life? She may be going through some things right now, and that’s understandable. However, she needs to pull out of it eventually.

Asking her why she’s being so negative isn’t always the best way to deal with it. You could offer her some positives in the stories that she tells, or point out things that she could be grateful for in her life.

empty-wallet-money-poorThe One Who Never Pays

Money can be a difficult subject. However, there is usually one friend who tries to duck out of a bill, or only pay for the amount that she believes she should. For example, you may go to a restaurant and instead of splitting the bill evenly, she only wants to pay for the amount she had.

She may be going through some financial problems at the moment, and doesn’t want to say. The trick here is to offer to go someone low-cost or even offer to pay for her lunch once in a while to help out.

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