Tips for Dealing with the Friend Breakups

Tips for Dealing with the Friend Breakups

Just like relationships, friendships don’t always last forever. You may think that your best friend from primary school is going to be your best friend for life. The problem is that they move away, and then you lose contact with them. At other times, you fall out over something and it’s irreparable. So, how do you deal with those friend breakups?

Treat It Similar to a Relationship

Losing a friend is similar to losing a boyfriend. You need to start by acknowledging that this is a breakup and accepting that you need to move on. Avoid wallowing in self-pity the whole time, but give yourself the chance to grieve and move on. It isn’t going to get better overnight.

Find Someone to Talk to About It

The downside of losing your best friend is that you don’t have your best friend to talk to about it. When you lose a boyfriend, you turn to your girl pals. You still need to talk to someone about it, so spend some time thinking about this. Do you have a boyfriend who you can talk to? Maybe another friend? You may just want to write it down in a journal to get it off your chest.

Assess Where It Went Wrong

Why did you lose your friend? Did you just both move away? Maybe you ended up fighting about something and can no longer repair the damage. You need to consider the reason, so that you can assess it and determine if you could have done anything different. While it won’t change what you are going through now, it will help to prevent it in the future.


Try to Fix It

There are time that you can fix these problems. The first is by assessing the reason and trying to make repairs. If you did something wrong, apologise and see if you can get back to where you were. If you moved away, it will mean some meet-ups and time to speak to each other. Find something that suits you both, and you may find that the relationship isn’t as irreparable as you thought.

Get Back Out There

You still need a friend, and sometimes it means making new friends. This is especially the case if you’ve moved away. Get out there again and start making new friends. You could go to some fitness classes, or join a group that covers your interests. This is a quicker way of making new friends because you already have something in common. It gets you talking and you’re more likely to succeed.

Don’t be Afraid

Never be afraid when it comes to making new friends. You may be reminded of the last friend breakup, but it is something to put behind you. Move on, like you would with a relationship. However, only do this when the time is right for you. It can take time to get the courage, so work your way up and just talk to one or two people at a time if you need to.

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