Types of Friends You Really Need in Your Life

Types of Friends You Really Need in Your Life

Everyone needs friends in their lives. You need social interaction and people to lean on when there is a problem. There are certain types of people who are better for one thing compared to another, which means having a group of friends who are good for different needs. Here are the type of friends you really need in your life.

crying-woman-sad-phoneThe Person for an Emergency

Everyone has an emergency now and then. It could be a necessary hospital visit and you need someone to come with you, or you may need a babysitter at the last minute.

You may even need someone who will just come over to be that support. Find the person who is great in an emergency and will be there at a moment’s notice.

woman-talking-friendsSomeone to Discuss Partner Troubles With

Your relationship with your partner may be happy, but you’re going to have disagreements or concerns now and then.

It’s normal. Instead of bottling it all up, you need a friend that you can discuss it with.

women-reading-magazine-friendsSomeone to Give you Advice

When you need advice, whether it is career, relationship or personal, you need a friend you can rely on. This could even be your own mother instead of one of your girlfriends.

Think about those who you are close to and consider who the “smart one” is. You need the person who seems to always offer the right advice at the right time, but isn’t annoyed if you don’t take it.

mother-child-baking-cookiesThe Mummy Friend

So, your child isn’t sleeping through the night yet, or you’re having problems with your teenage daughter. Who do you turn to for tips, helpful hints or advice?

You need a friend who is either going through it too or has been through it before. Your mum is a good place to start, but what about those at your child’s nursery or playgroup? Just a few months in children’s ages can make a huge difference for tips.

women-shopping-friendsThe Friend Willing to be Honest

Now and then you need someone who is willing to be honest with you. This is someone who will tell you when you’re making a mistake, or when you need to change out of that dress you think fits perfectly.

Not everyone is good at this—they think you want to hear something and will tell you that. Find someone who isn’t scared to tell you the truth, why that’s the truth and what you can do about it.

man-woman-gossipThe Male Friend

Sometimes you need to hear something from a male’s perspective. That could be about the way a man’s mind works, or whether you can do something new to spice your relationship up. It’s good to get the different perspective on other parts of your life too.

Male friends will also help with building confidence and becoming slightly more selfish in life (in a good way) so you reach your goals. It is often easier to leave a relationship with a friend for a few months and just pick up like nothing’s happened.

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