You Don’t Always Have to Be Sociable

You Don’t Always Have to Be Sociable

You will hear all the time that you need to be more sociable. This could be the case, but there are times that you want to remain on your own. It is okay to way to sit alone and do your own thing every once in a while. The next time someone questions or complains to you about this, mention these reasons why you can be alone.

woman-sofa-relaxYou Need the Peace and Quiet

Sometimes you just need some time to yourself for some peace and quiet. You may need a long soak in the bath with the candles, or want a night with a good book instead of out with the girls.

Being alone will give your brain the chance to relax and you can go through some important situations that you’re facing at the moment.

relax-lounge-gardenIt Makes You Happy

Being anti-social can actually make you feel happy, especially if you find yourself around people all the time.

It links to the above, since you get the peace and quiet that you need. Your body gets the chance to relax and your brain tells you that you are happy. When it stops making you happy, it’s a sign that you need to be sociable again.

family-drama-children-parentsYou Can’t Deal With Others’ Dramas

Everyone has something going on in their lives. While you want to help your friends, there are times that you need to sort your own life out. There is nothing wrong with taking a step back from their dramas to deal with your own.

In fact, it is a good thing to do this. Putting yourself first from time to time will take care of your life and you will be a better friend for them in the future.

savings-moneyYou Don’t Spend as Much

If you’re on a tight budget, being anti-social can really help to curb your spending.

When you go out with friends, there is always the push to have one more drink or get that cake with your coffee. Not only does it damage your bank balance, but it will affect your waist line too! The next time someone complains about being anti-social, tell them that you’re saving up for the next time you go out so you can have some fun.

friend-comfort-sad-upsetStop Feeling Like It’s a Must

You start to feel like going out with others is something you must do, and not something you want to do. That can really put a strain on your relationship with others.

You start to resent them because you don’t get the time to yourself that you really need. Stop being sociable for a short time and start to feel like you want to be out with them.

friendsIt’s Something You’re Forcing Yourself to Do

Some women don’t find being sociable that easy. It’s understandable, and expected. Everybody is different.

If you force yourself to do something you don’t want, you end up being miserable all night and that affects your relationship with others.

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