7 Steps to Finding a Veterinarian

7 Steps to Finding a Veterinarian

Bringing home a puppy or an older adopted dog is a joyful occasion for everyone in the family. There’s a great many decisions to be made once your pet comes home, but one of the most difficult is choosing a veterinarian for it. However, with just a few steps, you can find the vet that’s right for both you and your dog in order to foster a relationship that will last for the life of your furry friend.

Begin with Friends and Family

If you have never had a pet before, you may not know where to begin when it comes to finding a vet. The best place to start is with a recommendation from someone close to you. Ask family members if they want to recommend a vet that has given them a good experience. If your friends have pets, ask them who they use, why, and what they like about the clinic.

Ask a Professional

If your friends and family don’t have pets or don’t live near you, you can always ask the advice of the shelter where you adopted your dog or even a qualified breeder. Many shelters work directly with local veterinarians, so they are usually happy to recommend the ones they use for their own animals.

Narrow Down the List

Once you have a list of vets compiled, you can narrow the choices down. Compare each vet as far as the distance from your home, what they charge, and their credentials. This is an important choice for you as well as your pet, so be sure to take your time with the comparisons. Once you make your choice, it’s time to make a visit to the clinic.


Take a Tour

Make an appointment with the veterinarian of your choice to tour the clinic. That way, you can evaluate their offices and equipment, meet with the vet and the staff, and decide whether or not their values concerning pet care are the same as yours. Ask how they handle things such as emergencies, urgent care, and whether or not you will be able to contact them after clinic hours.

Let the Vet Interview You

During your tour, allow the vet to ask some questions about your pet, such as where you got it, its age, and whether or not it was obtained from a shelter. They may also ask about its breed and overall health so they can advise you on the kind of care they can give to your pet. Listen for the kind of tone the vet uses and whether or not they hurry you along, as a vet who does this will no doubt rush through appointments as well.

Make An Appointment

Once you discuss your pet with the veterinarian and you’re satisfied, make an appointment with the staff. Discuss payment methods and what kind of paperwork you’ll need to fill out. Ask to register before you bring your pet in to save time.

Bring Your Pet to Meet the Vet

How the vet treats your dog is just as important as how he or she treats you. Watch whether or not he or she handles the animal gently or pets it. Most of all, watch for how your pet reacts to the vet, as they are excellent judges of human nature and will tell you if they want you to make a different choice.

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