Exercising With Your Dog

Exercising With Your Dog

Exercising is a part of your life that can keep you looking and feeling your best. Therefore, it is extremely important to make time for exercise regularly. However, with your busy schedule it may be difficult to get away from your children and husband, but you should make very effort to concentrate on your health and the health of your dog.

A great way to save time and bond with your animal is to combine your dog’s exercise and playtime with your own exercise routine. This will allow you to give your dog needed attention, while simultaneously getting yourself into better shape.

golden-retriever-dogDogs are Great Workout Partners

Dogs are full of energy and love to be free and running in nature. However, many dogs are unfit and overweight. This will lead to health problems and a shorter lifespan if necessary precautions are not taken.

So if you want your dog to be healthy and live a full life, you should include your pet into your own exercise regimen.

walking-dogWalking Throughout the Day

You might not see walking your dog as exercise, but if done properly this can be a great way to keep you in shape and allow your dog to get needed outdoor exposure.

However, simply walking your dog to the end of the street is not an effective exercise that will bring results to you or your dog. Instead you should go on about three short walks per day with your animal.

This can be done very quickly, but will still give you enough exercise to be effective.

dog-fetch-stickDo Sit-ups While Playing Fetch With Your Dog

Your dog probably loves playing catch, but it can be difficult to be motivated to play with your dog if there is no health benefit for you.

However, if you do sit-ups while you are playing fetch with your dog, you will make the exercise effective for both you and your animal.

This will allow you to multitask and get more accomplished in a short period of time.

dog-play-chasePlay Chase

Most dogs love attention and interaction. Therefore, if you play chase with your dog you will show them attention and get much needed exercise for both you and your animal companion.

Dogs won’t even see this game of tag as exercise and you won’t either as you begin to have fun and enjoyment with your pet.

dog-stairs-ballRun the Steps With Your Dog

Stair exercises are a great way to build your endurance and cardio. This can be done easily in the comfort of your own home with your dog.

Simply go up and down the stairs side by side and sculpt your legs with every step. This will give you much needed exercise with your dog.

tired-dogBe Aware of signs of Exhaustion

Just like humans, sometimes dogs can be over worked and show signs of exhaustion. Therefore, you should look for signs of excessive panting.

It is also best to have plenty of water available for both you and your dog while you exercise together.

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