How to Become the Best of Friends with Your Pet

How to Become the Best of Friends with Your Pet

A pet becomes a member of the family relatively quickly. You may love him to pieces and treat him like a special member. However, not all animals will return that love and affection—most will take their time to deciding to trust you and care about you. You can make your pet your best friend with the following tips.

woman-catShower Him in Love and Attention

Always show love, attention and devotion to your pet. Make it clear that he is your number one priority and you will always be there for him.

This is often harder if you have other pets in the house or you have children—you need to balance the attention between everyone.

Some pets won’t need holding and stroking, so think about the breed and type of animal that you have!

woman-dog-home-sofaHelp Him Settle Into Your Home

If you rush him into settling, he’ll resent you for it and may lash out. Help him settle in at his own pace but encourage him to take further steps and try new things.

You need a specific room for him for the first few days/weeks and then you can let him explore the rest of your house.

woman-rabbitEncourage the Good Behaviour

There’s no point rewarding him for his bad behaviour—it doesn’t stop him from doing it. You want to encourage the good.

Pets are very much like children in the way that they want attention and will do naughty things to get it. If they realise that good behaviour gets them more treats and attention, they do that instead.

woman-dog-trainingMix Training and Playing

Mix together training and playing, especially when it comes to cats and dogs. They won’t necessarily like learning how to sit, lay down or waiting to get outside to go to the toilet.

They’ll want playtime most of the time. By making training fun, they’re more likely to enjoy it, learn more and love you for it.

cat-eatingLet Him Watch You Fill Up His Bowl

Animals love anyone who gives them food. Let your pet see you fill his bowl with food and offer him treats now and then for good behaviour or for learning something.

You’ll soon find that you have a best friend for the rest of his life.

ferretLet Him Get Out of the House

This is more for dogs but applies to most animals. They want the freedom to get out and run around. Set up your garden so it is animal friendly or go to the park for a walk and let him run around.

Dogs, especially, love exercise and really need it to remain calm and content. You’ll find that just the sound of a lead or the word walk will have them rushing to your side.

cat-vetLook After His Health

Whether you have a dog, rabbit, rat or other exotic pet, you need to make sure his health is checked.

He may not like the idea but regular visits to the vet are a good idea. Keep him up to date on all shots and visit if you suspect a problem.

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