Keeping Your Pet Safe Throughout the Year

Keeping Your Pet Safe Throughout the Year

Animals need a lot of care and attention. In some cases, it is like looking after a newborn but for the whole of the pet’s life. If something can be picked up in the mouth, it will be but that doesn’t mean it is going to be safe! Here are some tips for keeping your pet safe at all times.

dog-microchipInvest in a Microchip

You need to know where your pet is at all times. Cats like to explore the neighbourhood while dogs have a tendency to run off to play. A microchip is your best friend.

It may be expensive but it is better than spending hours and sometimes days looking for your animal. If your pet is snatched by someone, you will also be able to locate her easily.

dog-vetHave Regular Checks at the Vets

Like humans, pets get sick too. You want to make sure your animal is healthy at all times and that means regular checkups at the vets. Take it to someone who is qualified and well-trained.

This way you are more likely to spot a disease before it becomes worse. If you ever see a change in behaviour, don’t leave it to get worse! It may be expensive but you want to give your animal the best quality of life.

open-gateDon’t Leave the Gate Unlocked!

Pets can escape and they will often try to. It is a little harder with a cat but when it comes to a dog, you need to keep that gate shut and locked.

You may have the back door open to let her wander around while you’re in but you don’t want her escaping and getting run over by a car. If your pet has a habit of climbing fences, get them higher or invest in a chain!

dog-leadKeep Your Dog on a Lead

You need to take your dog for a walk but you want to think about safety. Keep your pet on a lead at all times, especially if she has a habit of running off.

She may think running around is a game but she won’t realise the dangers surrounding the area.

missing-dogWatch Out for Neighbourhood Warnings

Talk to your neighbours and others in your area with pets. This is really important to avoid any dangers that other pet owners know about.

There may be certain breeds of dogs going missing, items in the park laced with poison or other dangerous people around. The more you are aware, the more you can keep your pet safe.

dog-rain-floodDon’t Leave Her Out in the Rain

When it rains, your pets need to come inside. They can get ill and will be miserable. There’s nothing wrong with limiting her to one room but at least be compassionate about it.

The dog house in the garden isn’t necessarily waterproof or warm! Invest in a dog or cat flap so your pet has a choice of being in or outside when it comes to bad weather.

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