Pet Etiquette: Are You Thoughtful of Others?

Pet Etiquette: Are You Thoughtful of Others?

Having a pet is fun. You get the unconditional love, get to play and they make you more active. However, you need to think about other people. This involves pet etiquette that you need to follow. If you don’t, you could not only annoy others around you but you could also break the law.

woman-dogTeach Her the Basic Commands

She doesn’t need to be able to do backward flips or dance like the puppy on Britain’s Got Talent, but you want to teach her the basic commands. She needs to know when it is time to sit, lay down and come back to you.

Some dogs are easier to teach than others and you will need to have some patience. If you’re not willing to put in the work, it’s not time to get a pet!

dog-pawBe Ready When You Go Anywhere

Don’t expect your animal to know to wipe her paws or only do her business at certain times or in certain places.

Be ready whenever you go anywhere. Have extra towels and baby wipes to wipe those muddy paws and have the paperwork ready if you’re taking her to stay somewhere for a few days.

running-dogGet Her Out for Exercise

Dogs bark because they have a lot of energy. They will also chew and destroy things. You can avoid all of this by taking her out on regular walks and giving her all the exercise she needs.

If you have a large garden, let her run around when you’re home, so she’s less likely to mess something up when you’re out of the house.

dog-poopPolitely Inform People of Not Picking Up After Their Pets

There are some people who won’t pick up after their dog—you do, right? When you see someone not doing it, avoid making a scene.

Politely inform the person that the dog has done her business and give a spare bag. It makes the other person feel guilty and they’re more likely to do it.

You can even add to the guilt by saying just how lucky you are to have such a beautiful place for the animals.

dog-parkKeep an Eye on Her at All Times

When you do take her out for a walk, you can let her off the lead. However, you need to keep an eye on her.

Make sure she is well-trained and watch out for any mess she makes. If she starts interrupting someone else, stop her. If she does her business somewhere, pick it up. It’s only polite.

dogs-barkRemember She Can Bark Throughout the Day

If a neighbour comes to you with a noise complaint, be polite about it and accept that it could be your pet. Cats can scratch at walls all day long and dogs can be the noisy culprit.

There are gadgets available that can help keep your pets occupied while you’re out of the house and you can train your pet to be quite when you’re not at home.

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