Pets or No Pets

Pets or No Pets

Deciding to get a pet is a big responsibility that should be a decision that is made with great care. You must consider your work schedule, if you have children, and if you are allowed to have pets. Some women really like getting puppies and/or kittens because they are small and cute, but they are a lot of work.


Dogs are great to have as a companion if you are ready for the responsibility.

Many people choose to get a dog when they are young. They are a little more work than cats, but can be worth it.

playing-with-dog-parkChoosing a Breeder

Many people that are thinking of getting a dog go to a breeder, but this is not your only option. There are a lot of organizations that rescue dogs, cats, and other animals.

These places need people to get their pets from the shelter so they can help other animals. If you are thinking of getting a dog you might want to consider getting it from the shelter rather than a breeder.


Cats are a little more self-sufficient, which makes them a little easier to care for. Unfortunately most cats prefer to be alone.

This might just be the pet for people that have a busy life or work a lot of long hours. Cats also might be better for the people that are ready for the companionship, but travel often.


Although fish are not a pet that can sit in your lap they are good pets for small children and people that are not ready for animals. Fish are very self-sufficient.

All they need is a little food once in a while and clean water once a week or even once every other week depending on the fish tank and the types of fish you have.

pit-viper-snakeSnakes and Other Reptiles

Many people think they will love to own a snake or other reptiles, but they are harder work then you realize.

Mothers that allow their children to have reptiles will need to do their homework before they bring them home.

dog-moneyThe Expense of Having a Pet

There are many expenses that come along with pets. You will need to purchase toys, bowls, brushes, medications, vet visits, food, and treats.

If you cannot afford these pet necessities you should consider holding off on getting a pet.

vet-catThe Vet

The vet is very expensive, but a necessary part of owning a pet. Just like a child a pet needs to have a yearly physical and they will need to get their shots and boosters to ensure they stay healthy.

Most often pets that go outside will also need medications like flea and tick treatments to keep them healthy and your home free of fleas.

cat-dog-petAre you Ready For a Pet?

Owning a pet is similar to having a child. They are a lot less work than a baby, but for most it is the first step.

Many women start to feel that they need something more in their lives in their mid to late 20s prompting them to get a pet.

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