Pros and Cons of Having a Pet Cat

Pros and Cons of Having a Pet Cat

If you’re not a dog lover but want a pet, a cat is another option. In fact, pet cats often help to counter some of the downsides of having a dog. The question is whether this is really the right type of animal for you. Here are some considerations to make to help you choose.

Cats Are More Independent

Compared to many other pets, especially dogs, cats are more independent. They like to roam places and look outside.

They won’t stick in one place and pine for you while you return from work. This is beneficial if you are planning on working out of the house or even going away for a couple of days.

pregnant-woman-catEasier to Train

Cats will happily go to the toilet indoors in a litter tray and are much easier to train than their four-legged opposite; a dog!

You won’t need to worry too much about coming home to a mess in the house but you will need to make sure the litter tray smells fresh and is changed often to avoid other problems.

People seem to find them difficult to train because they are not willing to set a routine to help train them.

cat-halloweenTake Up Less Space

Cats are much smaller than dogs, which is perfect if you have a smaller apartment or house.

You won’t need to worry about paws getting in the way. However, they do seem to like sleeping in the strangest of places and will explore a lot so make sure there is plenty for them to do!

playing-catNo Need for Constant Attention

If you’re busy doing something else, your cat will often be happy to sit beside you and be ignored. While they do want some attention, cats are not as needy as dogs and will not require too much of your time.

This is great if you want a pet but don’t have the time right now – however, remember that you will need to spend some time with your pet and make sure he or she is well looked after.

cat-radiatorThe Cost of Having a Pet

Like dogs and other animals, cats can cost a lot of money. There is more to buy for your cat, including the litter tray and a travel cage if you go anywhere for a long period of time.

You will also need to add up vet fees and the insurance and any medical procedures that are needed to make sure you can afford this pet.

pet-catThey Don’t Like Travelling!

Cats don’t want to be locked up in a cage. They will hiss and scream when travelling around.

If you will be going away for long periods of time, it is often best to hold off on getting any type of pet!

cat-dog-petThey’re Not as Friendly as Other Animals

If you’re looking for a companion, cats are not always the option.

This depends on the cat though as some are super friendly and will want to spend all day with you. If you’re looking for loyalty, the best option is often a dog.

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