9 Things To Bring With You On a First Date

9 Things To Bring With You On a First Date

First dates can be awkward and stressful and depending on how promising this first date is, you might find yourself stressing over nothing. Here is a list of things that you can keep with you that will make some of the common issues and make your date a little less stressful.

LipsticksLip Stick/Moisturizer:

You do not want chapped lips ever, let alone on a first date. They are not pretty to look at it and certainly are not what you would want when kissing someone especially for the first time.

Sugar-Free-GumBreath Freshener, Mint or a Gum:

You never know when it can be useful. It will come in handy, if you decide to go adventurous in your food choices and to get a change of breath after drinking a coffee.


Do not take the chance, you never know when you might need it, especially if it is a warm day or if you are outside. Besides, you will find it of a great help in case your date turns to an overnight stay.


Something small that slips in purse, in case you arrive early and you want to kill some time. Those can also be useful if you run to a dead end conversation with your date and your meal has not even arrived.

You can bring up the book, it doesn’t happen often but you don’t when it comes handy.

medications-pillsPain Killers and Allergy Medication:

You do not want to mess up your date because of a headache or an upset stomach or for accidently eating a kiwi to which you are mildly allergic.

These problems can be serious enough to interrupt your date, but can be easily solved with a Benadryl or an Advil.

pillsMedication You Take on a Regular Basis:

this is important in case your date goes on longer than anticipated to the time you need to take your medicines. And it will keep you prepared for an overnight stay.


Even if you do not anticipate that you will need it, pack it anyways. It does not take any room and you will find one day when least expect it, it will come in handy.


And bring your charger if your battery life is too short. The last thing you want is to end up without a mean of communication with the outer world.

You might need it to call a friend, get a cab, or alert your roommate that you are not coming back.


If you forget to bring everything else, at least make sure you have cash. Paying conventions have changed and you should expect to pay for your dinner or beverage. While we all have credit cards, it can be an awkward transaction, compared to simply adding your share.

Make sure you also have enough on you in case you need to call a cab, if the date goes too late, or if you drink more than you has expected. Most importantly, never show up without a wallet.

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