Are You Lying to Your Husband?

Are You Lying to Your Husband?

Did you know that you’re lying to your husband? Even if you don’t mean to do it, it’s happening. These are usually white lies that won’t hurt as long as he doesn’t find out about them. However, they can be damaging and you need to watch out for them. Note the word “can”, there are times that these small lies are perfectly normal and fine.

Business-woman-reading-reportYou Have Some New Personal Goals

When you want something new in life, you may be tempted to keep them from your husband. If they don’t change your family, you may not feel like they are worth mentioning.

They could be in your career and just mean a slight shift but no major change. However, they could mean a complete change in life. It is worth discussing personal goals with your husband; at least then he has the chance to support you.

happy-woman-work-successWhen You Say You’re Fine

Men hate hearing the words “I’m fine”. They mean one thing—you’ve annoyed me but I just don’t want to discuss it yet. It may be something that he did to annoy you but you’re happy to let it slide for now.

It could be something that happened at work that you’re not ready to discuss. Either way, you’re lying to him because you’re not happy!

bored-sad-womanA Past Trauma Still Affects You

If you suffered a trauma in the past, it’s acceptable and normal to want to forget it. However, not telling him about it is lying about who you are. Your past traumas and experiences make you the person you are today.

They can also affect your decisions in the future. He needs to know about things that have happened in the past, so he can understand why you act the way that you do now.

woman-business-work-argument-conflictYou’re Letting Your Career Slide for His

He will love you for the support but he’ll feel guilty that you’re letting your career go. You may have had some major hopes and aspirations but have let your support for him take over.

It’s great that you make it seem like nothing but it isn’t nothing. Think about what could happen if something does happen to your relationship. He will still want you to be happy to. You run the risk of losing yourself if you continue this way.

couple-problems-conflictYou’re Reading Between His Lines

It’s really common to think that your husband means something other than he did. You walk away pretending to yourself that he means something, whether it’s good or bad, and it leads to lying to him to make him happy.

Listen to what he is actually saying and if you’re in doubt, ask him to be clear.

His Parents Have Said Something Hurtful

If you don’t tell him when his parents have said something hurtful to you, you are lying to him. You may think that it is protecting him but he needs to know what his parents really think. They may be lying to him too.

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