Are You Too Busy for Love?

Are You Too Busy for Love?

Do you look out of the window every day, wondering when you’re going to find Mr. Right? The truth is that it might not be the best time for your love life. You really may be too busy for it! Here are some signs that now just isn’t the right time for you. Maybe you can change that just by knowing about them.

couple-lovePeople Constantly Complain that They Haven’t Seen You

Your friends don’t see you because you have something else going on. It could be work, housework or university life. There’s nothing wrong with being this busy if you enjoy it but it will stop you from finding love.

If your friends don’t see you, why would Mr. Right? Is there leeway in your calendar to go out with your girlfriends just once a week?

calendarYou Have to Make Plans Month in Advance

Apart from travel plans, do you find that you have to make dates with friends months in advance? This isn’t because you need to find a time that suits both of you – it’s because you’re not available at all before then.

It’s a sign you’re overworking; you do need time for yourself, you know!

Stretching-jogging-exerciseYou Use Exercise as a Time to Do More Work

You may memorise a presentation, go over a speech or even run through some notes that you’ve taken for university.

Whatever it is, if you find you’re using exercise as a time to do more work, you’ve not got the time for love. You can’t talk to others in the gym or running with you if you have a lot of other things going on in your brain!

photo-office-deskYou Have Everything You Could Possibly Need at Your Desk

You desk has become your second home. You have a change of clothes (for exercising, usually), your snacks and even any toiletries that you could possibly need.

When your desk becomes your second home, it’s clear that you don’t get out that much and you just don’t have the time to meet someone new.

manage-time-tabletYou Wonder When You’d Have Time for Someone New

Do you wish you had someone but then wonder whether he would fit into your life? When your life is so busy, it’s really easy to start wondering how you’d juggle everything.

This is just a sign that you’re busy and not ready for that someone new. It shouldn’t be a chore to make them fit in your schedule.

application-cv-job-searchYour Work Doesn’t Fit on Your CV

Take a look at your CV. Most people will find it covers one to two pages, depending on the amount of jobs they’ve had.

However, yours could be three or four pages long with skills, job titles and extra work that you take on outside of work. How have you fit all that in?

weddig-bride-haystackYou’ve Used Up Next Year’s Annual Leave

Do you already know when you’re off next year? This is clearly a sign that you’re too busy.

Sure, you may have the odd wedding that you’re planning ahead for but your leave is taken up with appointments and extra activities! There’s no time for an impromptu holiday.

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