Attract Mr. Right Easily and Effectively

Attract Mr. Right Easily and Effectively

You know all about finding the right guy. You know what makes him husband material and what you specifically want from a man. Now you need to attract him! Just because he’s your Mr. Right doesn’t mean you’re perfect for him—or someone he thinks he wants. Here are some tips to attract that right man and make him yours.

beach-legs-flirt-sexyConfidence Is Sexy

You need to have confidence as a woman. Shy, quiet women are not attractive. Men don’t want someone who will cling to them or hide behind them. They want someone who can stand up for herself in an argument and hold her own in a debate.

Have confidence in yourself and show why you’re the perfect woman for him. Of course, there is a fine line between arrogance and confidence so watch out!

Young-woman-flirtingLove Yourself

If you’re not happy with yourself, why should he be? You need to love you for whom you are. There’s no point changing yourself for someone; this is impossible to keep up for the rest of your life and you just won’t be happy.

Love yourself. If you really lack some confidence and self-esteem, make a list of all the good things about you and focus on why they make you who you are.

Flirting-womanDon’t Try So Hard

You don’t need to try very hard to get Mr. Right. The best relationships are those that are really easy to start with. You’ll both find each other attractive and there are no games involved.

By trying hard, you can actually put him off because you look desperate. If he’s not interested, move on because he isn’t the right guy for you.

flirting-legsStop Playing Games

He doesn’t want to feel like you’re following him. Just because he’s going to a concert doesn’t mean you have to. He may love a band but that doesn’t mean you have to like them too!

Differences are good as well as similarities. Stop playing your games to attract him and simply be yourself. He will find that much better and you will find the relationship works much easier.

young-couple-loveIt’s Not Like a Fairytale

Get the fairytale image out of your head. Your Prince Charming isn’t going to sweep you off your feet and you won’t live happily ever after.

If you think that way, you will never find the right guy for you. There will be ups and downs and he may want you to do the swooping.

woman-computer-work-flirtMake Yourself Available

Don’t constantly play hard to get. This is just another game that men hate. If you are available, make it seem that way. That doesn’t mean act desperate and make it clear every two seconds.

If he asks you if you’d like a drink, accept it and start a conversation. When he wants to meet up with you but you genuinely can’t make it, offer an alternative.

woman-yoga-sunriseLive Your Life

Go out and have fun. There’s no point waiting around for the phone to ring. The more you go out, the more chance you have of attracting Mr. Right.

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