Bad First Date? It Isn’t the End of the World!

Bad First Date? It Isn’t the End of the World!

Many people have a bad first date. That doesn’t mean it’s a complete end to a relationship, nor does it mean you shouldn’t get out on the dating horse again. There are ways that you can use bad dates to ease your way back into the pool and work them to your advantage.

first-dateIt Doesn’t Mean the Whole Night Is Ruined

Think back and consider the good things from the night. Your date may have been rude or obnoxious but there could have been something that you enjoyed.

Maybe it was your dinner—you finally got to try that expensive restaurant without footing the bill!—or maybe it was the entertainment. There will always be something good to take away from it, even if it isn’t a relationship.

stressed-woman-kitchenIt Could Just Be Nerves

Being on a first date is nerve-racking, right? Well, if it is for you then it will be for him too! Put yourself in his shoes and think the way he thinks for a moment.

He may have rushed his words or found it difficult to just pick up a glass of wine. That disaster could be because he was afraid of making a disaster! Give him another go; you may find the second date is much better.

confident-woman-smileBad Dates Help Your Confidence Grow

It may sound like the opposite should happen but bad dates can actually help your confidence grow. Remember that this is nerve-racking for many but as you get more first dates out of the way, you’ll learn the things to do and say.

You’ll have been through the worst scenarios and know that Mr. Right is on his way.

body-confidence-heart-mirrorYou Stop Being Someone Else

It’s really easy to start putting on a show on your first date. This could be why it is going so wrong!

Whether it’s the first, second or 10th date, you need to be yourself. Try that the next time and you may find that it is completely different for you.

couple-dateYou Got to Meet Someone New

The guy may not be boyfriend material but what about friend material? By going on a date, you have met someone new. Not only will this boost your confidence, you could make a new friend out of it.

This could be the start of a relationship—if you go on a friend level, you can act comfortably around each other and will be yourselves more.

couple-date-phoneStop Going After the Same Type of Guy

The bad dates may have one thing in common—the type of guy you are trying to date.

So you want someone handsome, tall with dark hair but all those guys bring bad reputations, poor communication skills and they’re just plain rude! It’s a sign that the tall, dark and handsome man isn’t for you.

You need to start focusing on something else—maybe the funny man or someone with interests in common. You’ll soon see that those bad dates turn into great ones.

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