Body Language to Watch for That Lets You Know He Likes You

Body Language to Watch for That Lets You Know He Likes You

The dating world is hard for women. Men and women are created very differently, and what means one thing to a man may not mean the same thing to a woman. Take the guessing out of being able to tell whether or not he likes you by learning how to read his body language.

gentleman-hand-kissThe Lips

You need to be aware of his lips. Even though it might be one of the features that you were drawn to in the first place, try not to stare but make sure you notice what he does with them.

If he’s into you, those lips will part when your eyes meet.

man-face-closeupThe Nose and Face

A guy’s face can say it all to a woman if she knows what to look for. You want to watch for signs that he’s “open” to the possibility of you, including flared nostrils, parted lips, raised eyebrows and wide eyes.

Sometimes these signs are subtle, but they’re still there.

man-smirkingThe Eyebrows

We do a lot of involuntary movement depending on how we feel inside. If you lock eyes with someone you are attracted to, your eyebrows will rise and fall.

A guy who reciprocates those feelings will raise his eyebrows in return. It can happen in an instant, so be conscious to watch for it.

couple-dateSubtle Movements

If you find that your eyes are continuously drawn to a particular man, it could be because his subconscious is trying to get your attention!

Some guys are subtle and will adjust their tie, or smooth their shirt or pant fronts repeatedly. The quiet ones might even separate from his friends just enough to make him approachable.

Other guys are just a little too loud and will make eye contact with you, making him stand out from the rest of the pack.

trendy-young-manHis Hair

Guys care more about the way they look than they want women to know. If a guy is interested in you, he’ll have the urge to touch or run his fingers through his hair.

They don’t want to be caught doing it. Walk away towards the restroom or bar and glance over your shoulder. If his hands are on the way up to his hair, he’s interested.

man-karate-funny-stanceHis Stance

Guys who stand with their hands on their hips are like a male peacock showing off his gorgeous feathers. When he does this, it shows off his manly build and gives women the appearance that he has confidence.

Combine this with any other body language directed at you and you won’t have any doubt about his interest.

man-nervous-tieNervous Fiddling

Sometimes a guy is so attracted to a woman that she can make him nervous simply by being in the same room.

When a guy fiddles around with the buttons on his shirt or jacket or plays with his keys, he’s into someone!

beautiful-manHe Touches His Face

If you notice a guy is touching his face a lot by stroking his cheek with the back of his fingers, rubbing his chin or touching his ears, he’s got it bad for someone.

People tend to do this when they find someone attractive who makes them nervous in a good, excited way.

The guy you’ve spotted has no idea what he’s doing as far as body language, so you can trust what you see.

If you keep these subtle but reliable tips in mind, you’ll be doing a lot less wondering about whether or not a guy finds you attractive.

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