Can Men and Women Just Be Friends?

Can Men and Women Just Be Friends?

Whether or not it is possible for men and women to just be friends is a question that has plagued society for a long time. This is because for a lot of people it is a very blurry line as far as when the relationship between a man and a women transitions from friendship into something more. Unfortunately, the complexity of this question and relationships in general makes it a little more complicated than one with a simple yes or no answer.

couple-friends-laughing-happyWhat Does Society Say?

Men and women evolve as the relationship between them changes. Overtime the definition of what is considered to be normal in regards to a relationship between a man and a woman has also changed. For example, there was a time when it was normal for a woman to stay home and take care of the house and the children while the man worked.

Today, it is just as normal for the women to be working and the man to take care of the house and the kids. There was a time where people got married when they were a long younger before there was really any time for them to develop a friendship.

Today, a friendship between a man and a woman is much more socially acceptable than it used to be. This is because there was a time where men and women could not spend any time together without rumors about them being an item floating around.

couple-watching-tvWhat Does The Media Say?

Just about every movie you watch that has a friendship between a male and female, the friendship develops into a relationship by the end of the movie.

In fact, most movies and TV shows do an excellent job of displaying how easy it is for a person to fall in love with their best friend. They also display how difficult it can be for a man and a women to be friends without growing attached to each other.

Couple-eating-pizzaYes and No

Unfortunately, the answer to whether or not men and women can be just friends is not black and white. This is because it really comes down to the individual man and the individual women in the relationship. Are they both capable of being friends without developing feelings for each other?

Another factor that tends to fall into play is the spouse of the man and women in the friendship. This is because most girlfriends do not want their boyfriend spending quality time with another girl and most boyfriends tend to feel the same way.

Both society and the media tend to lean more towards the answer no when it comes to this question; simply because it is just too easy to develop feelings for someone after spending so much time with them.

This is something that can happen even if you are not initially attracted to the individual. After all, there is nothing worse than being stuck in the friend zone. The last thing you want to happen is for your friend to develop feelings for you and not have the courage to admit to them.

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